How to Download Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar 2023

Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar: In this pandemic period, getting vaccinated is one of the most important criteria for us and in most public places it has been made necessary to show the vaccine certificate by Aadhar so as to prove that you are vaccinated. 

In this article we would be discussing about how to download the vaccine certificate from the cowin site and all other necessary details about vaccine certificate.

In this article we will be covering the following topics:

  • Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar
  • Vaccine Certificate download
  • Vaccine certificate online
  • Vaccine Certificate download by mobile number
  • Vaccine certificate scanner
  • Vaccine certificate covishield

Vaccine Certificate by Aadhar

In the midst of speculation of the 3rd wave of Corona Virus  to hit India in the month of June.

Therefore, it has become altogether necessary for people being get vaccinated with both doses of covisheild and also the booster.

As per the reports of the Union Ministry of India, India has become the most fastest covid vaccine insert country to have 17 crores of vaccination and counting.

There are two doses of vaccinations that is being given in India: Covishield which was developed by the Serum Institute of India and  Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech.

If any of this vaccine is taken by a person, the government issues a vaccine certificate so as to show that the person has been vaccinated.

The vaccination certificate also shows the next date on which the person should get the second dose of vaccine or the booster dose.

Therefore you can download vaccine certificate by Aadhar.

The vaccination certificate also has other basic information such as name of the vaccinated person, age, gender, name of the vaccine taken, address and other information related to the beneficiary.

Therefore it becomes necessary for a person who has taken the vaccination to download the Vaccine certificate from the official Cowin website of the Central Government.

CertificateCOVID-19 Vaccine Certificate / SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Certificate
VerificationVaccine Certificate Verification
Certificate TypeDigital Certificate, but can be printed
Verification ProcedureGiven Below
Certificates1st Dose, 2nd Dose & Precaution Dose
Vaccine Certificate Verification

Vaccine Certificate download

If you have taken your  vaccine dose, you can download your vaccine certificate from the vaccine certificate link of the official government website, or you can also use the help of Arogya Setu application to download the vaccine certificate.

Digilocker application is also providing the option of downloading the certificate.

Lets see the steps to download the vaccine certificate by aadhar:

Vaccine certificate online

To Vaccine certificate download India online you need to go to and follow the following steps:

  • In the top right corner of the cowin website, you will see three vertical dots, you need to click on it
  • After you click on the three vertical dots, you will see an option vaccination services and on clicking at it, you will see an option of download certificate.
  • You have tap on the option of download certificate and you will be redirected to a page whereby you will be asked to enter your registered mobile number. After entering your phone number, click on “Get OTP” option.
  • An OTP will be send to your mobile number and after entering the OTP, click on “Verify and Proceed”.
  • An option of “Show Certificate” will appear and by clicking on it there will be two options of “Download” and “Save to Digilocker”
  • You have to click on the option of “Download” and your vaccine certificate will be downloaded.

Vaccine Certificate download by mobile number

Mobile number is essential to download the vaccine certificate.

The mobile number that was used at the time of vaccine registration should be used at the time of downloading the vaccine certificate.

It facilitates in downloading the certificate in a speedy and easy way.

Vaccine certificate scanner

The Covid Vaccination certificate consists of a digitally signed and secured QR code which helps to verify the legitimacy of the vaccine certificate.

To verify the certificate, you just have to visit the online site of cowin and click on scan QR code.

After scanning the code, a message “Certificate successfully verified” will appear.

In case if the vaccine certificate is not legal, a message of “Certificate invalid” will appear. Therefore you can verify your Vaccine certificate online.

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Vaccine certificate covishield

You can also download the covishield vaccine certificate from the arogya setu by following procedures:

  • You have to open the app and click on the log in with your phone number option and enter your registered phone number and click on “Get OTP”.
  • An OTP will be send to your mobile number and click on the cowin tab appearing at the top of the application.
  • Afterwhich you have to enter your 13 digit reference id after clicking on the opyion of Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Then click on the download certificate option and your vaccination certificate will be downloaded.

Final Words

In this world of technology, you no longer have to go to the hospital for getting vaccination certificate.

You can just sit in your home and download the certificate using your registered mobile number.  

The initiative taken by the Central Government to develop a website for registration and download of covid vaccine certificate is appreciated all over the world.

Many countries have taken help of India to do implement the same in their countries.

Therefore it will help the government to avoid overcrowding in hospital places.

If you have not downloaded the vaccine certicate yet, the article has hopefully helped you to understand the procedures to download it.

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