585+ Top Best A to Z Name List 2023

Names are very important when it comes to Hindu families and they have significant role to play in the development of the child. The characteristic of your child depends on the name that you keep for your child.

Therefore parents often think many times before naming their child. Today we have brought you the list of A to Z Name List along with their meaning and numerology. These are the top names which we have collected from various places after significant research. 

685+ Top Best T Name List Girl Hindu

Best Hindu Boy Names Starting with S with Meaning

A to Z Name List

PuspenduThe White Lotus8
PyarelalLord Krishna9
PyaremohanLord Krishna8
TapshayaVery Long Meditation1
TaptiName of a River, Daughter of Sun3
TaraStar, Hill, Tower, Crag4
TaraanaA Musical Composition2
TarabaiStars; Wonder Women7
TarachandSilver Star; Star7
TaraiRocky Hill4
TarakaStar; The Great Protector7
TarakeshwariName of a River; Goddess Parvati8
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Boy Hindu

NaagendraLord Shiva; King of the Serpents
NaageshGod of Serpents; Sheshnaag
NaagpalSaviour of Serpents
NaagpatiKing of Serpents; Vaasuki
NaagRaajKing of the Serpents
NaagrajKing of Serpents; Sheshnaag
BinayBlessing; Decorum; Good Manners
BinduMadhavLord Krishna, Enlightened
BindusarAn Excellent Pearl
BinitGood; Polite
BinodJoy, Laughter
BinoyHumble; Request
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Girl

AdrijaOf the Mountain7
AmishaMost Beautiful, Sunshine, Brave6
AmishiVery Sweet; Pure5
KaanishkaA Gold3
KaavyaA Poetic; Poem; Poetry in Motion7
AmitjyotiEver Bright; Limitless Brightness5
AmiyaNectar; Delightful4
AmlaThe Pure One9
AmlankusumUnfading Flower9
AmmaniGem of a Girl; Beautiful Gem6
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Hindu

BirinderLord of Braves; King of Warriors
BirjTo have a Presence
BirpartapBrave Dignity; Royal King
PushpavatFlowery; The Sun and Moon
PushpenduThe White Lotus
PushpeshLord of Flowers
PushpinRich in Flowers
PushpitBearing Flowers; Blooming
PushpkumarDecorated with Flowers
PushpMitraAn Ancient Ruler
PushprajKing of Flowers; A Topaz
PuskaraBlue Lotus; Fountain
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Boy and Girl

JiaaA Piece of Heart; Lively; Life
JiahHeart; Life; Lively
JianshiPart of Heart
AmshumalaThe Sun
AmshumatiIntelligent; River Yamuna
KabiraPowerful; Greatest; Nobel
KabirajKing of Poet
KabyanshParagraph of Poetry
KadambName of a Tree
KadambanLord Murugan; God of War
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Boy

KailasAbode of Lord Shiva8
KailashName of a Himalayan Peak7
KailashchandraLord Shiva2
KailashpatiName of Lord Shiva8
KailasnathLord Shiva6
KaileshLord Shiva2
KairavWhite Lotus8
KaisanCompanion of Prophet; Wise1
KaitanPure Gold; Prince of the Clouds2
KaivalAbsolute; Aloneness; Lord Krishna2
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Girl Hindu

AmritayaThe Immortal; Lord Vishnu
AmrithaNectar; Art; Immortality
AmritkalaNectarine Art
AmritrashmiMoon Light
JhanaviRiver Ganga
JhansiRaising Sun, Queen, Victory
JharaWomen of Heaven, Princess / Queen
JharnaA Stream; Water Falls; Spring
JhilLake; Waterfall; Female
JhilmilSparkling; Rain Drop
JiaSweet Heart, Heartbeat, Lively
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Boy Hindu Hindi

DevanshyaPart of God / Divine9
DevantPart of Divine, Without Limit3
DevapadThe Feet of the God8
DevapiAn Ancient King3
DevapriyaDear to the Gods2
DevarajKing of Gods7
DevaramName of a Divine Scripture1
DevarpanaOfferings to the Gods1
BipinForest Tiger / King, Sharp5
BipinchandraForest Moon9
BiplabRevolution; New Creater6
BippinTalented, Sharp3
BiratGreat, Giant, Huge, Massive5
BirbalBrave Heart8
BirenLord of Warriors3
BirendraKing of Warrior8
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Hindi

TarakiniStarry Night
TaralahResembling a Honeybee
TaramatiWith a Glorious Mind
LaileshLord Shiva
LakhaMoney; Writer
LakhanBrother of Lord Rama
LakhnBrother of Lord Rama
LakhshitTargets; Aim
LakshTarget; Aim
LakshakRay of Beauty
LakshanyaOne who Achieves
LakshayTarget, Goal, Great, Aim
LakshinLord Siva; With Auspicious Marks
LakshitAim; Targets; Lord Shiva
LakshithDistinguished, Aim, To Observe
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

A to Z Name List Girl Hindi

AmmuHappiness; The Pure; Innocent3
AmnaPeace, Soft, Desire, Safety2
AmodaHappiness; Joy; Pleasure7
AmodiniHappy Girl; Joyful; Pleasurable2
AmoditaHappiness; Delighted9
MokxitaSalvation, Liberated3
MolinaTree that Grow from Root1
MonaSolitary, Adviser, Nun, Wish7
MonaliHill; Name of Bird; Goddess Durga1
MoniIntelligent; Beautiful; Nicely6
MonicaAdviser, Solitary, Alone, Unique1
MonishaWisdom, Knowledge, Talent, Sweet7
MonjariSeed of Basil8
AmritGod’s Nectar; Immortal; Drink that …7
AmritaBeloved, Full of Nectar8
Best A to Z Name List
Best A to Z Name List

Final Words

We hope you had liked the names that we have put together for your baby child. You may also let us know if you have any other names in your mind that would have matched our list and we will add it to our above given A to Z Name List.

You can also ask the opinion of others by just sharing the link of the article into their social media page before finalizing a name for your baby boy.

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