333+ Best Assamese Baby Boy Names in 2023

The culture of Assam is very unique and respectable. They always believe that names are the most significant part of the child and should be very carefully determined.

The names that we call our child will determine its future. Names are foremost gift that a parent give to their child and it never parts away from him.

Therefore we should not show hurry while naming our child. In this article we have told about the most significant Assamese Baby Boy Names along with their meaning and Numerology.

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Assamese Baby Boy Names

NaboditNew Beginning2
NaboneelSun; A New Clear Blue Sky5
NageshLord of Serpents, Cosmic Serpent9
NaitikRegular; Ethical; Good in Nature1
NakshHaving Great Quality8
UdankA sage.6
UdariGenerous person.8
UdayabhanuThe Rising Sun8
UdayanRising Up, Rising3
UddipanRising Star6
UddiranLord Vishnu8
UdhabSacrificial Fire9
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with T

TajCrown/ Jewel4
TaksheelA Strong Character9
TalaketuBhishma Pitamaha1
TalishLord Of Earth6
TamalA Tree With Very Dark Bark2
TamallTree with Very Dark Bark5
TameshThe Moon3
TamojitConqueror of Darkness7
TananA happy and cheerfulsoul5
TanaySon of Wind7
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Paanineea Sanskrit grammarian2
Paarthanother name of Arjuna1
PachaimaniYouthful, Resourceful3
PadmashriGoddess of Wealth8
PalashA Flowering, Flowery Tree, Green3
PallabNew Leaf / Leaves8
PallavYoung Shoots and Leaves, Sprout1
PanalalEmerald; Also Spelt as Pannalal3
PanduFruit, Father of the Pandavas2
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with B

BabanWinner; Happy2
BabatLucky. Fortunate.8
BabilGate of God, Babylon8
BabilGate of God. Babylon, Renowned for wine and magic. Planet Jupiter. East.8
BabluIntelligent, Sweet, Young2
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Naagarjunan ancient Philosopher6
Naagpalsaviour of serpents ( the cobras )7
Naamdevname of a saint6
NabadeepNew Lamp3
NabadipA new winner2
NabadipNew Light2
NabajeetNew Victory4
NabajitNew Winner3
NabajyotiNew Light7
NabakumarNew King1
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names 2023

UdiptiOn fire7
UditGrown, Awakened, Shining9
UjjalBright; Clean; Lovely Bright9
UjjalBright, clean and lovely9
TulasiSacred Herb; Basil Plant1
TulsyA Sacred Tulasi Plant7
TunganathLord Of The Mountains7
TusharWater Drops, Frost, Mist, Snow6
TusharkantiLord Shiva7
TuvidyumnaLord Indra6
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with M

MadanCupid, God of Love, Lord Krishna6
MadeshLord Shiva5
MadhabRelating to the Spring2
MadhavSweet like Honey, Lord Krishna4
MadhuHoney; Nectar2
MadhumoyConsisting of Honey1
MadhusudanLord Krishna, Destroyer of Madhu7
MadhvendraAnother Name of Lord Krishna9
MahabeerMost Courageous Among Men8
MahadebLord Shiva7
MahadevMost Powerful God; Lord Shiva9
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with S

SanmoyMeditative State of Lord Shiva6
SannyRay of Sun1
SanthoshSatisfaction, Happiness, Joy5
SantoshiSatisfaction; Name of Goddess6
SantuDefending Men3
SanyojitConjoined; Attached; United5
SapneswarLord of Dream8
SaratAutumn; Name of a Season; A Sage5
SarbanandaExtreme Joy3
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with R

RaamLord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit6
RabeenThe Sun9
RabendraLord Surya (Sun)9
RabilochanOne who with Bight Eyes2
RabinBold; King of All8
RabindaThe God of Sun; Bright Fame4
RabindraEarly Morning4
RabiramLight of Great Lord Rama8
RabisankarLord of the Sun4
RafaelGod has Healed; Healer7
RaghavDescendant of Raghu; Lord Rama3
RaghuThe Family of Lord Rama1
RahulCapable, Efficient6
RajaKing, Sand, Silvery, Emotion3
RajanKing, Lord Ganesha, Powerful8
RajatSilver; Courage5
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting with D

DabangBrave; Part of God / Divine2
DaibikDivine Energy; Religious9
DaityaA Non Aryan.6
DaiwikBy the grace of God3
DakshPerfect Being, Capable, Smart7
DakshiThe Glorious7
DalajitWinning Over A Group3
DalimPomegranate; One Type of Fruit3
DambaruInstrument of Lord Shiva6
DamodaraTied with a Rope Around the Belly3
DanilaGod Is The Judge5
DanishKnowledge, Careful, To be Clever1
DarpakKamdev, God Of Love6
DarsanPhilosophy; Seeing Clearly3
DarshanaSeeing; Sight; Vision3
Best Assamese Baby Boy Names

Final Words

Hope you have liked the list of Assamese Baby Boy Names whicj we have very thoughfully collected for your baby boy.

Names are always very important and therefore you shold also ask the opinion of elders before finalising a name from the list.

Therefore you can also share the article with your family and friends. You may also let us know by just posting it in our comment box, if there are any other Assamese Baby Boy Names in your mind and we will include it our article.

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