Atharv Meaning in Hindi| Atharv Naam ka arth, Matlab, Rashi, Rashifal

Atharv Meaning in Hindi: Among all the zodiac signs, the people of the first Aries zodiac have amazing leadership abilities. They are absolutely fearless.

You have a purpose in achieving your goals and you move forward with a strong spirit. Aries people have leadership qualities from birth.

Being the initial sign of the zodiac, they want to go progressively. They cannot tolerate losing, so they mostly achieve success.

This quality of his is seen in every area of ​​life. When it comes to their career, they put all their skills to get the best career.

Arnav Meaning in Hindi| अर्णव नाम का अर्थ, मतलब, राशि, राशिफल

Atharv Meaning in Hindi

QualitiesLeader, Visionary
Lucky ColorBlack, Purple
Ruling PlanetSaturn
Lucky Number8
Atharv Meaning in Hindi

Atharv ka Meaning in Hindi

Atharv comes from the word Atharvaveda. 967 mantras of Brahma have been seen in this Veda, hence it is also called Brahmaveda.

It is also said that the Atharvaveda was composed for a priest named Brahma. This is also one of the reasons why this Veda is called Brahmaveda.

In the Atharvaveda, the description of mantras like medicine and medicine etc. is found, due to which it is also called Bhaishajya Veda.

Atharv Veda Meaning in Hindi

Atharvaveda is such a Veda in which the description of the entire medical system is found. The prevention of various serious diseases is found in the Atharvaveda.

Talking about the compilation of praises, praises of the forms of Gods and Goddesses are not found in Atharvaveda like other Vedas, but many mantras related to the worship of Brahma Dev are found.

Baby Boy name Atharv Meaning in Hindi

Atharv Meaning in Hindi
Atharv Meaning in Hindi

The Hindi meaning of the name Atharv are Lord Ganesha, Name of a Veda, Sage, Mahatma, Godly soul, Muni, Gosai, A sage, Supernatural

Punjabi Word Atharv Meaning in Hindi

Let us understand in depth the effects of being named Atharv. If you are thinking of naming your child Atharv, then it is important to know its meaning first.

This is because, by being named Atharv, your child also behaves like the meaning of this name and imbibes the qualities that its meaning means that of a Maharishi who was the eldest son of Brahma, one of the four Vedas, the Atharv Veda contained in a mantra.

Final Words

In Atharvaveda, Atharv means Abhichar or the Veda of the Atharvas. The meaning of the word Atharva was used for the understanding of the priests.

After some time this word is prestigious to the priest of Abhichar.

Let us tell you that in this Veda, only Atharva Rishi has the maximum number of mantras, which is 1768. Therefore we hope you have understood Atharv Meaning in Hindi.

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