155+ Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu in 2023

In this article we have shared the Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu along with their meaning. We have also shared the meaning of the names starting with M also.

For parents who want to name their child starting with the letter M may look into the top list of names starting with the letter M.

In this article we have brought together all the beautiful names so that you would find it easy to select and name your child.

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Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu

MaadeshLord Shiva6
MaadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna; Sweet like honey5
MaadhavAnother Name of Krishna5
MaaghName of a Hindu Month3
MaahiGreat Acheiver5
MaahikEarth; Great7
MaahilKindness, Lord Vishnu, The World8
MaahirExpert; Brave5
MaahirSkilled; Expert; Generous5
MaaksharthIt means, Precious part of a Mother’s heart1
MaalavA musical raag; Ansh of Goddess Lakshmi; Horse keeper5
MaalavKeeper of Horses5
MaalikGod, Experience, Master, Lord2
MaalinOne who makes garlands; Wearing a garland; Crowned; Gardener5
MaalinOne who Makes Garlands5
MaalolanName of deity in ahobilam6

Baby Boy Names Letter M Indian

MuthuvelanLord Murugan; Muthu РPearl, Velan Рname of the Muruga’s spear2
MuttaiLord Murugan3
Muttu KumaraswamiLord Murugan; Muttu – Pearl, Kumara Swami – bachelor God9
Muttuk KumaranLord Murugan; The boy who is precious like a Pearl muttu – Pearl, Kumaran – boy5
MythilA Kingdom6
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu

Baby Boy Names Hindu 2023 M Letter

MounishLord of mind; Attractive; Another name for Krishna9
MounithPeace; Lord Murugan1
MouryaThe Emperor3
MouryaKing; Leader3
MowgliThe Jungle Boy; Cartoon Character7
MoxSalvation (Moksha); Release7
MoxaFree from Births, To Relieve8
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu

Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names with Letter M

MirudulSoft; Calm8
MirvaanRelates to vastness (Mir – sea/ocean vaan – full of life)6
MirzaA Prince, Title for Mogul4
MisalExample; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining9
MisbahLamp; Light7
MishalTorch; Light8
MishayA variant of Michelle. Alternate spelling: Misha; Mishaye; Smile3
MishrakVarious; Varied; Indra’s garden of paradise7
MishrySweet; Brilliant2
MishuFaithful; Honest7
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu

Baby Boy Names Hindu M Word

MasruqPraiseworthy; Thankful8
MasterPerfect One; Excellent4
MatUndorstood; Thought; Opinion; Honoured; Wanted7
MatGift of God7
MatangaSage; Advisor to Devi Lalita3
MateahHonored; Desired; Liked3
MateshDevoted Towards Mother3
MathBear; Jewel; Magnet6
MathanCupid; God of Love3
MathanCupid; God of Love3
MathewGift of the Lord; A Legend Person7
MatheyshLord Shiva9
MathiThe Moon; Thought; Prayer; Mind; Decision; Respect; Will decision; Intelligence; Memory6
MathrudevOne who worships his mother; For one whom mother is the deity4
MathuraAn ancient religious city1
MatiGift of God, Spiritual Thought7
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu

Baby Boy Names Hindu on M

MeghjiCloud; Lord of the Sky7
MeghmalharClouds; Raag for rains5
MeghnadA roar of clouds; Thunder7
MeghrajKing of clouds8
MegrajAn Epithet of Indra9
MehanSuddh; Pure5
MehithAlways smiling9
MehrajMeh means Moon Raj means Kingdom1
MehtabThe Moon4
MekhalGirdle; Belt5
MekhalGirdle; Belt5
MelchiMy King / Counsel5
MendhaWise; Learned9
MenikaThe Impossible Dream8
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu
Best Baby Boy Names M Letter Hindu

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