Top 100+ Best Baby Boy Names Starting With THA In Tamil

“When it comes to baby names, Tamil names have always been quite popular among parents. One such category that is widely sought after is baby boy names starting with “tha”.

These names are traditional and hold deep cultural significance. Our blog has a comprehensive list of baby boy names starting with “tha” in Tamil, which are unique and meaningful.

From classic to contemporary, we have it all. These names have been carefully curated and selected from various sources to provide parents with a wide range of options.

The meaning of each name is also provided in Tamil and English. So, if you’re looking for a traditional and meaningful name for your baby boy, do check out our blog’s category of “baby boy names starting with tha in Tamil” to find the perfect name for your little one.”

Best Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting With த
Best Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting With த

Best Baby Boy Names Starting With THA In Tamil

NameMeaningZodiac Sign
ThamizhTamil language, cultureLeo
TharunYoung, youthfulAries
TharunBright, intelligentScorpio
TharunBrave, strongCapricorn
TharunYoung manPisces

Top 15 Best Baby Boy Names Starting With THA In Tamil

ThagaparBrave, strong
ThakshakOne who is skilled in arts
ThalapathyLeader, commander
ThalapathyHead of army
ThamaraiLotus flower
ThananjayanOne who is wise and intelligent
ThangaduraiOne who is respected and honored
ThangamaniPrecious gem
ThangarajKing of gold
ThangarasuKing of gold
ThanigaiPrecious gem
ThanikachalamPrecious gem
ThanigaiarasanKing of precious gems
ThanilDark blue color

Top 100+ Best Baby Boy Names Starting With THA In Tamil

ThaoCourtesy; Courteous
ThanuBow – Arrow
ThakurLeader; King; Master; God
ThamanWorth; Price; Name of a God
ThamizLanguage of Peoples; …
ThanaiGreat; Calm
ThanakAdd Meaning
ThanamWealth; Slender
ThanamWealth; Slender
ThanesLord of Prosperity
ThanizLord Shiva
ThansaKing of Earth
ThanujKing of Kingdom
TharakAttraction; Protector
TharanThe Saviour of All; Earth; A Ray …
TharikKnocking / Hammering; Hill at …
TharunBright; Youth; God name
ThayalAdd Meaning
ThaksinFrom the South
ThanandGiving Joy
ThaneshGod of Money
ThangamGold; Full of Joy; Precious; …
ThangarBlessings of God; Bright
ThanielGiven by God
ThanishDiamond; Pleasant; Happy
ThanrajOne who Wins Wealth; King of …
ThanujaThe Real
ThanushGood; The Realest; Beautiful; Lord …
ThanvikStrong; Brave; Another name of …
ThanyanGet Everything
TharaniThe Earth; A Ray of Light
TharmikLord Ganesh name; Person who gives …
TharsanGods Place
ThaswinKing of King; Bright Powered
ThavasuBrave; Bold
ThavishHeaven; Powerful
ThakshanLord Ganesha; Lord of …
ThaksithLord of Shiva
ThanapalGuardian of Wealth
ThanarajOne who Wins Wealth
ThanavelWeapon of Lord Murugan
ThaneeshAmbition; Gold
ThanigaiRelated to God Murugan
ThanishkGem; Diamond
ThanneshGod of Money; Gold
ThanseerGood Thinker; Helper; Honesty
ThanurajOne who Wins Wealth
ThanveerStrong; Rays of Light; Enlightened
ThanveshLord Shiva
ThanvishDelicate; Perfect Man; Lord Shiva
ThanvithCool Joy; Caring
TharmeshAdd Meaning
TharshanA Look; Vision
ThashwinVictory; Conqueror
ThayalanLord Shiva
ThairiyanBrave; Confident

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