150+ Best Baby Girl Names in Tamil With Meaning & Numerology

When it comes to naming your little angel, finding the perfect name can be a daunting task. Tamil culture offers a wide range of beautiful baby girl names, each with its own unique meaning and numerological significance.

Some popular Tamil baby girl names include Akshara, which means “alphabet” or “imperishable,” and Narmada, which means “gentle.”

Another popular choice is Uthra, meaning “star” or “light.” Numerology also plays a significant role in Tamil naming traditions, with certain numbers believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

So, whether you’re looking for a traditional Tamil name or one with a modern twist, there’s a perfect baby girl name out there for your little one.

SA Girl Baby Names In Tamil

Girl baby names starting with NE in tamil

girl baby names starting with ne in tamil

150+ Best Baby Girl Names in Tamil With Meaning & Numerology

Aadanyaderived from the name of King Cheran14
Aadarshiniderived from the name of King Cheranderived from the name of King Cheran24
Aadhikathe first existence15
Aadhinithe beginningA woman who herds a cow18
Aadhiraderived from muslim name15
Aadhithyanthe Sun, Lord Shiva28
Aadhiyathe ancients14
AadiraiThe star, the sixth lunar mansion, refer to the naksathram ‘Thiruvathirai’11
AagasthiyaAgasthiyar Munivar, one of the saptarshis21
Aahanyagoddess Luxmi, goddess of wealth15
AaharshiInnocent and calm like a cow19
Aaheshadevotion to Lord Shiva21
AahilaInnocent and calm like a cow12
AahiniInnocent and calm like a cow14
AahithyaThe Sun19
AahnaInnocent and calm like a cow13
AainginiGoddess Amman or Parvathy18
Aakavithe one has a high poetic skill12
Aampallotus like water flower18
AanandhiThe happiest one23
Aananthathe happiest one23
Aananthapriyahappy-loving person36
AananthiThe happiest one23
Aanathieternal, everlasting one18
AandalRefer to Aandal from Thirupaaai, devotee of Lord Vishnu, incarnation of goddess Lakshmi15
AangikaNew Trending Name14
AanmeekaSpiritual person24
AarabiCarnatic ragam, Carnatic ragam8
Aarangastage, derived from Arangam14
AaraniGoddess Parvathy11
AarathaNew Trending Name15
AarathiGoddess Parvathy15
AariniGoddess Amman / Parvathy11
AariraiLord’s devotee9
AarmikaCurious person12
AarthiTamil Actress Aarthiworshiper14
AarthmikaGood soul, kind heart21
AarthyGoddess Amman. The one who gives shelter to others14
AathaaraThe one who gives shelter to others16
AathanaInnocent and calm like a cow18
Aathangicurious one21
AathiLord Shiva, the Lord who has the power to destroy the wolrd12
Aathikano beginning, heavenly womanheavenly woman15
AathimaraiNew Trending Name21
Aathimozhiancient language36

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