385+ Top Best Christian Names for Girls 2023

It is said that the name also affects the nature and personality of the person. This is the reason why a lot of thinking is done before naming the child.

Usually a positive name is given so that positivity can be seen in the behavior of the child. We have given here beautiful and unique Christian Names for Girls along with the meaning and numerology of each and every name.

385+ Top Best Muslim Girls Name

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Christian Names for Girls

MeriwetherOne with a Sunny Disposition7
MerlinFrom the Fort by the Sea8
MerritaBeloved of Amun3
MerryCheerful, Light Hearted, Mirthful7
MeryMirthful, Light Hearted, Cheerful7
MeryleShining, Sea Bright6
MerylynBeloved Lake; Sea of Bitterness4
MerynOf the Sea3
MetildaMighty in Battle1
MiaBeauty, Mine, Beloved5
MichaelaGift from God7
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

Christian Names for Girls with Meaning

MichaelinaLike the Lord; Close to God3
MichaellaWho is like God1
MichelleOne who is Like God4
MidgeLike the Lord2
MarkeishaA Combination of Mary and Keisha4
MarkeshaA Form of Markeisha4
MarleenFrom the High Tower5
MarleneRebellious Woman5
MarletteOrigin is Germanic4
MarleyFrom the Lake Meadow2
MarlynBitter, Sea of Bitterness2
MarniSea Maiden; Rejoice; From the Sea1
MarnieFrom the Shore, Sea Maiden6
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

Christian Names for Girl Child

MarshaWarlike, Dedicated to God Mars6
MarshaeA Form of Marsha2
MarshayA Form of Marsha4
MaudieMighty in Battle; Battle-mighty8
MauraRebellious, Wished-for Child9
MaureenRebellious Woman, Dark Skinned5
MaurineBitter, Rebellion9
MavisJoy, Small Bird, Songbird1
MaxineGreatest, Great Woman3
MayTo Increase, Kinswomen, Mother3
MayaIllusion, To Increase, A Princess4
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

What are the Best Christian Names for a Baby Girl

MayilFull of Grace; Like a Peacock6
MaymeRebellious, Sea of Bitterness3
MckaylaWhich Man is Like God3
MckennaBorn of Fire; Son of Cionaodh7
MckenzyGood-looking; Pretty7
MeadowField of Flower, Grass7
MeaganPearl, Strong and Mighty One5
MeaveJoy; Hilarity; Baby; Intoxicating1
MecekaGem; Cloud2
MeeraLight, Saintly Woman6
MegLove, Pearl, Great and Mighty7
MeganPearl, Strong and Capable, Strong4
MeggiePearl; Diminutive of Margaret1
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

Christian Baby Girl Names

MeghanPearl, Strong and Capable3
MelanieDark, Black, Dark Skinned5
MelanyBlack; Dark-skinned7
MelbaSoft or Slender; Mill Stream6
MeldinaDark; Gentle; Soft; Black4
MelecentA Form of Millicent5
MelindaGrateful, Gentle, Dark, Honey4
MelioraBetter; Always Improving1
MelissaA Bee; Honey Bee6
MelodyMusic, Rythmic, Instrument, Song2
MelosaSweet or Gentle2
MelvaArmoured Ruler, Mill-worker8
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

185+ Beautiful and Unique Christian Baby Girl Names

MerciaCompassion; From Mercia; Mercy4
MercyForgiveable, Compassion1
MerielMyrrh, Variant of Muriel8
MerilSea-bright, To Swell3
MerilinaStar of the Sea9
MerinPleasant, Over Flowing, Peaceful5
MeritaCute; Lovely; Beauty; Angel; Love3
MalindaBlend of Melissa and Linda9
MalvinaWoman with Smooth Forehead9
MamieSea of Bitterness5
MancyVoice of Heart2
MandiAdorable, Lovable5
MandyLovable; Worthy of Love3
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

Christian Names for Girls with Faith and Meaning

ManmathaGod of Love; Cupid8
ManoiBeautiful; Brave; Courageous7
MaraBitter, Variant of Maria6
MaralynBeautiful Waterfall3
MarcelenA Form of Marcella8
MarcelinaYoung Warrior, Rendered to Mars4
MarciOf Mars, Martial, Brave, War Like8
MarciaRendered to Mars, Warlike9
MardellaMeadow Near a Lake3
MareBitterness; Sea1
MareeSea of Bitterness, Beloved6
MargaritaPearl, Child of Light7
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

Christian Girl Names with Meanings Girl Baby Names

MargiePearl; Diminutive of Margaret8
MargotPearl, Child of Light2
MargritaChild of Light, Pearl6
MariRebellious Woman, Wished of Chld5
MariaPleasure of Joy6
MariabellaBeautiful; Beloved2
MariahGod is My Teacher5
MarialSea-bright, Sea of Bitterness9
MariamSea of Bitterness, Form of Mary1
MariammaMother Mary6
Christian Names for Girls
Christian Names for Girls

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