255+ Best D Names for Baby Boy in 2023

If your son’s name also comes from the letter D and you are thinking of naming your son which is completely different, then definitely take a look at this list.

Because here you have also been told the meaning of those names. Hence you will not find any problem in finding a good name for your child. In this article we have also explained the meaning of each and every name.

If your lucky letter is D and you want to name your child with a name starting with D, you can continue reading the article.

D Names 

DurgaraoPart of Goddess Durga4
DurgeshKing, Ruler, Lord of Forts, Star1
DurgrajName of a Kind7
DurijeshMoon; Bright4
DurjaThe Invincible9
DurjayaDifficult to Conquer8
DurvaHeavenly Grass3
DurvangLord Ganesha6
DurvanshOne who Lives Far8
DurvashHeavenly Grass3
DurveshA Gift; Lord Ganesha7
D Names
D Names

D Names for Boys

DurwasHeavenly Grass; Name of a Saint5
DushantDestroyer of Evil6
DushyantDestroyer of Evil4
DushyantaA King from the Epic Mahabharata5
DuttaKindness; Presented; Given3
DuvanshPart of Divine / God8
DwarakadasLord Krishna; Servant of Dwaraka2
DwarakadhishKing of Dwarka8
DwarakanathLord of Dwaraka; Krishna3
DwarkadhishRuler of Dwarka; Lord Krishna7
DwarkaNathLord of the Gateway2
DwijSaint; Name of Moon; Pure; Light1
D Names
D Names

D Names for Boy Hindu

DwijendraKing of Brahmins; The Moon
DwijendranathBest Among Brahmins; The Moon
DwijeshRiver; Lord Brahma
DwipeshPart of Island
DyandevGod of Knowledge
DyaneshMerciful; Kindness; God of Mercy
DyaneshorA Great Saint
DyaneshwarDivine; Heavenly
DyaneshwerGod of Mercy; Divine
DyanishTo Give Mercy; Kindness; Merciful
DyumaniLord Shiva
D Names
D Names

D Names for Boys Hindu Modern

DinanathProtector; Lord Shiva8
DinapatiThe Sun2
DinarGold Coin, Gold Unit of Coinage1
DindayalKind to the Poor; Humble; Merciful7
DinendraThe Sun, Lord of the Day6
DineshThe Lord of Sun, God of the Day5
DineshaDay Lord; Sun6
DineshwarGod of the Day, Lord Shiva2
DinuPart of Sun; Kindness3
DipCandle; Light2
DipakCandle; Light; Lamp5
D Names
D Names

D Names for Boy Hindu in Hindi

DhipakLight; Lamp
DhirajPatience; Consolation; Emperor
DhirendraLord of the Brave; Courageous
DhivakarThe Sun
DhiyaSplendour; Light
DhnanjayOne who Wins Wealth
DhnrajLord of Wealth, Lord Kuber
DhnyRich; Wealthy
DhnyaGrateful; Blessed
DhonduRock; Stone
DhoopSun Rays
DhritimanPatient, Endowed with Fortitude
D Names
D Names

D Names for Boy Gujarati

DagaduA Name of Rock2
DahakDestroyer; Powerful7
DahanaA Rudra; Lord Shiva2
DaityaA Non Aryan6
DaivaGodly; Divine; A Deity1
DaivanasPart of the Divine; Part of God8
DaivikGodly; Divine Energy; Religious2
DaivitLike a God, Divine, Immortal2
DaiwataLike a God; Divine5
DaiwikBy the Grace of God3
DakornathName of Krushna2
DakshPerfect Being, Capable, Smart7
DakshaySkilled One; Talented6
DaksheshThe Enlightened One; Lord Shiva3
DakshiThe Glorious7
D Names
D Names

Boy Names that Start with D

DheerajCourageous, Emperor, Patience6
DheerandraGod of Courage, Lord of the Brave6
DheerashLord of Tolerance5
DheerendraGod of Courage, Lord of the Brave1
DheiryaPatience, Rest, Mind, Study7
DheivamaniBlessed Gem5
DhevarajKing of Gods6
DhikshitInitiated into a Religious Order7
DhilanSon of the Waves3
DhinakarThe Sun Light3
D Names
D Names

D Word Name for Boy

DipamLight; Lamp
DipanLight; Loder of Lord Shiva
DipankarOne who Lights Lamps
DipansuRelated to God
DipenLord of the Lamp; Lord of Light
DipeshLord of Light; The Sun; Light
DipinInflaming; Exciting; Illuminating
DipithLighted; Brighted
DipkLamp, Candle
DipooLight, One who Enlightens, Flame
DippenduBright Moon
DiprajLight of Kingdom
DiptanshuSun, A Part of Light
D Names
D Names

Good Boy D Names

DakshaySkilled One; Talented6
DaksheshThe Enlightened One; Lord Shiva3
DakshiThe Glorious7
DakshinaDonation to God4
DakshinayanSome Movement of the Sun8
DakshitVersatile; Skilled; Lord Shiva9
DalaiA Peaceful Man9
DalpatiCommander of Group9
DamanOne who Controls, Non-violence6
DamodarAnother Name of Lord Krishna2
DamoderLord Vishnu6
D Names
D Names

Final Words

We have hereby given you the D Names for Boys that would rhythm perfectly so that you do not have to search much for finding a beautiful name for your child.

We hope you would like the names that we had given and also we have mentioned the meaning of each and every names.

You could discuss with your friends and relatives to seek a suitable name out of this. If you have any suggestion please do not forget to mention in our comment box.

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