333+ Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

In this article, we have given you several suggestions of the Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA so that you do not have to trouble yourselves.

We have also mentioned their meaning in English. Names are not only a combination of letters but also love of the parents for their child.

Many often we see that parents have to unnecessary search many websites before getting to the names they sought.

But we have brought the list of all the unique names that you can call your child.

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Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

RoanaReddish-brown skin; One who has a beautiful reddish brown skin
RoannaA woman sweet as a rose
RoanneA little red-haired and ruddy girl
RoaseOne who reached fame in his life
RobabehA musical instrument’s name
RobbeeA biright light of fame
RobbeyOne who is famously acclaimed
RobbynA flame that burns brightly
RobeeOne who glows like a burning flame
RobeenaA glowing and famous woman
RobenaA shinning, glowing fame
RobeneShe whose fame is glowing
RuanaMusical Instrument with a string
RuciBeauty, Light
RucikaShining, Of taste, Ornament
RuciraDesirable, Charming
RucitaBright, Brilliant
RudhiRise, Ascent, Birth, Fame
RuhanA spiritual and kind-hearted one
ReaA flowing stream of water, a brook; Flower Name For Poppy
Rea, RiaFlower Name For Poppy
ReachA beautiful woman.
ReadaOne who is a redhead, mostly used as a surname
ReaksmeyShining and sparkling
ReananWelsh – Great Queen; A variation of the name Rhiannon
ReannaGermanic – Counsel; Advice; Welsh – Great Queen; A variation of the name Rhiannon
ReanneA woman who makes a great Queen
ReathaA woman of excellence and virtue
RebaOne who puts traps and baits people
RebatiOne who is like the star from the sky
RebbecaA trap, a snare or a bait
RebecaA woman who baits men
RebeccaOne who makes traps
RebeccahA snare or a trap maker
RebeckaA woman who traps and baits
RebeckahHebrew – Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name Rebecca
ThaalambooName of a Fragrant Flower
ThahiyaA melody
ThaiyalNayagiA Lady
ThaliniA kind of medicinal tree
ThalirTender leaf
ThamaraiKodiLotus Flower Vine
ThanaMalarProsperous + Flower
Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

50+ Best RU RE RO THA Baby Girl Names

RuhaniA spiritual, divine person; Sacred, Divine; Of higher values, Spiritual
RukminiA woman adorned, decorated with gold; Adorned with gold; Consort Of Lord Krishna
RumaOne who is a Queen of apes; Wife A Sugriva (in Ramayana), Salty, Salt mine
Run zhunA woman of sweer sound
RungColor; Colorful; Symbolises Joy and happiness; Vibrant and Colorful person
RupaA beauty of silver; Beautiful; Bearer of form, Sliver, A river
Rupa, RoopaBeautiful
RebekaA trapping, baiting woman
RebekahHebrew – Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name Rebecca
RebekkaA girl who traps and baits
RebekkahShe who traps and baits people
RebhaA woman who sings praises of others
ReboraOne who brings victory to people
RebqahAssyrian form of Rebecca. It means to bind or connect.
RechemayA very old female name used in Medieval England
RedOne of red skin or red hair
RedaA man who was favoured by the Lord
RedeemA woman who has redeemed herslef
RedellA woman who comes from the red meadow
RobeniaA woman of shinnig fame
RoberlieA rare made up name, that means a woman who is known for her glow
RobertaA woman who is acclaimed and glowing
RoberteShe who is well-known for her glow and fame
RobertenaA renowly famous woman
RoberteneShe who is known for her fame and brithness
RobertiaA girl who will be famous and shinning
RobertinaA young, little famous and bright one
ThaneeshaAn ambitious woman
ThangaMalarGolden Flower, Precious
ThangammalGolden Girl, Precious
50+ Best RU RE RO THA Baby Girl Names
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

40+ Best RU RE RO THA Baby Names

RupalA girl who is beautiful; Made Of Silver
RupalekhaVedic hymn
RupaliA woman who is the most beautiful of all; Excellent in form, Beautiful
ReedaA fovored, popular and loved person
ReehamOne who is like a very light rain
ReenaA woman known for her beauty
ReenuAmiable and Cooperative; Friendly and supportive; Cordial
ReeseAn intense, fiery person
ReetulTalented; Skilled; Expert and Efficient; A variant of name Ritul
ReevaOne who guides people like a river or a star
RefijaShe who is tall and pretty.
RefikaFriend or companion.
RefugioOne who is a refuge
ReganneLittle Ruler; Regal; Descendant of Riagan;
RegenaA reagal woman who is the Queen
ReginaA woman who is the Queen
RegineA Queen of all men
ReginiOne who is the Queen
RegnaTo advise and to make a decision
RehabAn open-minded and generous person
RehamA girl pretty as the dew on the flower in the mornign
RehanaA handfull of the sweetest basil
RehanahOne who is like the sweet flower of paradise
RehemaA cmpasionate woman of kind heart
RehenaA comassionate and merciful woman
RehmaA loving person
RehnumaOne Who Guides U
RehtaehHeather spelled backwards. A plant name that can be found in Scottish
RehwaAncient Name Of River Narmada
ReiA beautiful and lovely bell
ReiaGermanic – Counsel; Advice; Latin – Queen; A variant of Raina
ReidunOne who bestows the home
ReignTo rule other people
ReikiA practice of healing the spirit
ReikoThe thankful child
ReileyA brave, couragious being
ReilynnA courageous, valliant woman
ReinaThe Queen of people
ReineShe who is the Queen
ReinetteOne who is like a little queen
ReinheldGermanic – A wise and strong ruler; Wise Strength; All-knowing Power
ReinhildGermanic – Battle Counsel; Battle Advice; Fighting Counsel;
ReinhildeTo give someone battle advice
ReinildisA strong fighter.
RejhanaRejhana is a Bosnian version of Rihanna and means basil plant.
RobetteGermanic – Bright Famous one; Famously Famous; A variation of the name Roberta
RobinaShe who glows of fame
RobinettaShe who burns with fame
RobinetteShe is glowing from power
RobiniaA woman whose fame is bright
RobynaShe is bright and a famous woman
RobynetteA little woman who is famous and bright
RobynnShe is an illuminated, glowing, well-known woman
RobynnaShe is a glowing and well-known woman
RoccaFeminine form of Rocco. It means rest.
RocelinShe who is hard and strong as a rock
RochelShe is a rock-like woman
RochelleA woman who is like a rock
RochiOne who brings and gives light
RochildaA beautiful stone
RocioOne who is like a dew
RocketEnglish – Rocket; Jet-propelled Tube
RocĂ­oThe name comes from the Spanish title of Virgin Mary, Maria del Rocio (Mary of the Dew). It’s female name despite the o ending. Rocco means dew.
RodericaA woman who is a legendary leader
RodicaA fertile woman
RoenaA fame that brings happiness and bliss
40+ Best RU RE RO THA Baby Names
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

30+ Best RU RE RO THA Baby Girl Names Telugu

RupamanjariMade of silver
RupashriA divinely beautiful girl
RupasiA beautiful young girl
RupasriDivinely beautiful
RupavatiPossessed with beauty, A river
RupesvariGoddess of beauty
RupikaTo have a form of something; Gold Coin; Possessing a form
RupinaA beautiful woman
RemaA deeply loving and sensitive person
RemahOne calm and composed as a white antelope
RemanOne calming and beautiful as a Song
RemediosSpanish – Remedy; Cure; Help;
RemedyA cure for something. A word name, remedy
RemieA woman who is an oarsman
RemithaPleasing, Loved
RemyA person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cure
RenThe love of the lotus
RenaHebrew – Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name Rebecca; Peace
RenadaA reborn woman
RenaeA woman who is born again
RenanaA joyful song
RenataLatin – Born Again; Rebirth; Born Anew; A variant of Renee
RenattaA woman who was born again
ReneaA girl who was born again
RenesmeeA made up name, means a reborn and loved person
RenessTo be reborn as a butterfly
RenetaA dignified young woman
RoenneA woman who brings fame and bliss
RoepA call of cry
RoesiaA woman who is like a rose
RogelynA created, modern American name with no specific meaning
RogeneA person who has a legendary spear
RoheenAn Iron-strong woman
RoheisA true image of a woman
RoheisiaTo see a true image of a woman
RoheseA legendary female horse
RohesiaA woman who is like a famous horse
RohiAn ascending man
RohineOne who is sparkling with fame
RohitaA daughter of Lord Brahma; Brahma’s Daughter; red, the sun, a son of king hariscandra
RoisiaOne who is like arosary, like beads
RojaRose Flower; Red
RojanKurdish word for daily
TharaniThe Earth
TharanyaOne who is young and from Earth
TharikaGroup Lets of Stars
ThaswikaGoddess Parvathi
ThavaMagalGift of God
ThavaMalarGift of God
30+ Best RU RE RO THA Baby Girl Names Telugu
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA
Best Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA

Final Words

Here we have given you the possible list of all the beautiful Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA which you can name your child.

We have deeply thought before giving the suggestions of the above given names. Therefore you can seek the opinion of your friends and family before finalizing the names.

If you have any other wonderful Girl Baby Names Starting with RU RE RO THA you can post it in our comment and let us know so that we can add the name to our list.

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