585+ Top Best Islamic Name of Boy 2023

In this article, we have given you several suggestions of the Islamic Name of Boy so that you do not have to trouble yourselves.

We have also mentioned their English pronunciation along with meaning and numerology. Names are not only a combination of letters but also love of the parents for their child.

Many often we see that parents have to unnecessary search many websites before getting to the names they sought. But we have brought the list of all the unique Islamic Name of Boy that you can call your son.

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Islamic Name of Boy

DahlanKing; Lion4
DaibHappy Fellow7
DaibHappy fellow9
DaidanCustom; Habit6
DaigFire; Flame3
DaimPermanent; Eternal9
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy with Meaning

HaamimAnother Name for Prophet Muhammad
HaaneeHappy; Delighted; Content; Joyful
HaarijThe horizon; Strong; Secure; Guarded
HaarisVigilant, Watchman, Guardian
HaarisahProtector; Guard
HaarithPlowman; Old Arabic name
HaaroonLofty or exalted; A prophet’s name (Aaron)
HaarunName of the Prophet
HaasanHandsome; Laughter
HaashimGenerosity; Prophet’s grandfather; Decisive
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy in Urdu

HaashirGatherer; One who assembles3
HaasimDecisive; Dwefinite6
HaatibA Person who Collects Wood5
HaayiModest; Bashful8
HaazimPrecautions, Generosity4
HaaziqIntelligent Skillfull8
HabaabAim; Goal6
HababFine Dust; Aim; Goal5
HabashGuinea hen; Guinea fowl5
HabbahBerry; Grain; Seed4
HabbanLoving; Affectionate1
HabbibDear; Beloved6
Habee bullahBeloved of Allah5
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy Start with S

SuvadipAuspicious Lamp; Light2
SuwaibReward, Recompense3
SuwaibihBright; Fresh2
SuwaibirPatient, Enduring3
SuwaidanGreat, Respected, Honourable2
SuwaihOne who Fasts9
SuwaihirOne who Stays up During the Night9
SuwailihGood; Pious; Virtuous; Faithful3
SuwailimSafe and Sound; Whole; Unharmed8
SuwaimGold; Bamboo; Reed5
SuwaybitRoof over path alley between houses3
SuwaybitAlley Between Houses3
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy and Girl with Meaning

HabeebullahBeloved of Allah; Friend of Allah; Dear to all7
Habib-UllahBeloved of Allah4
HabibaBeloved One; Form of Habib5
HabibullahBeloved of Allah; Dear to God4
Habibur-RahmanBeloved Friend of Allah8
HabidHabib; Beloved6
HabiriColourful Clouds2
HabisCompanion, Narrator of Hadith3
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy with M

MuwaffiqSuccessful, Prosperous, Lucky6
MuwwazOne Given Restitution8
MuyassarFortunate, facilitated9
MuzahhiOne who Slaughters / Sacrifices5
MuzahirProtector; Defender; Supporter6
MuzainiRain-bearing Cloud3
MuzakirOne who Reminds People of Allah9
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy in Quran

MuzammilOne who is En-wrapped in Garments
MuzanniNarrator of Hadith
MuzaribFierce Attacker
MuzayyanBeautified; Adorned
MuzdahirBlooming, Thriving, Prospering
MuzzammilOne who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet
MyeshiaLife’s Blessing; Life; Variant of …
MynuddiinAssister of the Faith
MyraHoney; Beloved
MyronFragrant ointment
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Islamic Name of Boy with S

SuwayhilGentle; Lenient1
SuwedOne who has Knowledge of Vedas9
SwabTrue; Right9
SwalihPurity; Virtuous; Pious9
SwalikSelf Written3
SyanPrecious Friend, Companion5
SydulFrom the Wide Valley9
SyedFortunate, Blissful, Lucky, Happy8
SyenBeautiful; Lovable9
Islamic Name of Boy
Islamic Name of Boy

Final Words

Here we have given you the possible list of all the beautiful Islamic Name of Boy which you can name your child. We have deeply thought before giving the suggestions of the above given names.

Therefore you can seek the opinion of your friends and family before finalising the names. If you have any other wonderful Islamic Name of Boy you can post it in our comment and let us know so that we can add the name to our list. 

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