175+ Best New Born Baby Name in Bengali 2023

In this article, we have given you several suggestions of the New Born Baby Name in Bengali so that you do not have to trouble yourselves.

We have mentioned their meaning in English. Names are not only a combination of letters but also love of the parents for their child.

Many often we see that parents have to unnecessary search many websites before getting to the names they sought. But we have brought the list of all the unique names that you can call your child.

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New Born Baby Name in Bengali

EenakshiWhose eyes look like deer9
EeshaPurity, Goddess Parvati2
EeshitaGreatness; Goddess Lakshmi4
EitiEnding and the New Beginning7
EkaaGoddess Durga9
EkajaOnly child1
EkantikaOne Aim; Singly Focused9
EkaparanaWife of Himalaya5
EkavaliSingle-string; Necklace7
EkotaUnion; Unity7
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

New Born Baby Girl Name in Bengali

KaberiName of River; Full of Water1
KabyashreeA Beautiful Poem5
KadomboriGoddess Saraswati7
KadzoriSavoury Made with Besan Flour3
KahiniStorey; Young7
KairaSweet, Peaceful, Pure, Unique4
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

New Born Baby Name Boy in Bengali

MadanCupid, God of Love, Lord Krishna6
Madhav, MadhabSweet like honey6
MadhavaBorn is Springtime; Lord Krishna5
MadhughoshHoney; Nectar5
MadhukantaThe Moon4
MadhukarHoney Bee, Maker of Sweetness5
MadhumayConsisting Of Honey5
MadhurHoney; Sweet; Melodious2
MadhurankLovely scene.1
MadhusudanLord Krishna, Destroyer of Madhu7
MadhvanAnother Name of Lord Krishna9
MadhvendraAnother Name of Lord Krishna9
MadurA Bird 
RagPiece of Music / Tune8
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

New Born Baby Name Muslim Bangla

RaaidaLeader; A Doll7
RaaifaKindness; Merciful9
RaakaFull moon5
Raakhisymbol of protection3
RaatiBestowing, Liberal4
RabaThe Fourth-born Child4
RabbaniDivine; Godly; Soul / Spirit2
RabeenaBeauty of the Sun; Peace1
RabittaTie; Bond8
RachaitriA Female Maker6
RachanaArrangement; Construction; Creation1
RadharaniCreated; Devotee of Lord Krishna2
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

New Born Baby Boy Muslim Names New

RabindraEarly Morning4
RabiramLight of Great Lord Rama8
RabisankarLord of the Sun4
RabiulSun Light9
RachitInvention; Create; Written5
RadhanathLord Krishna3
RadheyshyamLord Krishna; Beloved of Radha1
RadwanDelicious; Delight7
RafaelGod has Healed; Healer7
RafanGood Looking; Graceful; Beautiful4
RafayetHighness, Sublimity, High Rank4
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

Popular Baby Names, Origin Bengali

SaatvikPious; Pure2
SaayanCompanion; Precious Friend7
SabalWith Strength8
SabareeshwaraLord of Sabari hill4
SabariSwamy Sri Iyyappan5
SabuStrong Loyal Person7
SabujGreen Colour8
SabyasachiLord Arjun; Ambidextrous7
SacchidanandaHappiness; Total Bliss1
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

Bengali Baby Names Boys & Girls Beginning with A-Z

RadhiyaaContent; Satisfied4
RadiaSatisfied; Content6
RadiahSatisfied; Contented5
RadiyaPleased One; Veiled; Covered4
RaeemaSunshine; Pleasing7
RafiaHigh, Exalted, Sublime8
RafelForm of Raphael; God has Healed6
RafiComforter, Form of Raphael7
RafidHelping; Supporting2
RafinHighly Praised3
RafiqCompassionate Friend, True Friend6
RaghavaLord Rama’s Name4
RaghuThe Family of Lord Rama1
RaghubirLord Rama3
RaghavDescendant of Raghu; Lord Rama3
New Born Baby Name in Bengal
New Born Baby Name in Bengal

Final Words

Here we have given you the possible list of all the beautiful New Born Baby Name in Bengali which you can name your child.

We have deeply thought before giving the suggestions of the above given names. Therefore you can seek the opinion of your friends and family before finalising the names.

If you have any other wonderful New Born Baby Name in Bengali then you can post it in our comment and let us know so that we can add the name to our list. 

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