235+ Best R Names for Boys in 2023

Unique names are very difficult to find but in this article we have given you the best list of unique R Names for Boys.

Hence you will not find any problem in finding a good name for your child. In this article we have also explained the meaning of each and every name.

If your lucky letter is R and you want to name your child with a name starting with R, you should continue reading the article.

195+ Best Royal Baby Boy Names

235+ Best Baby Boy Names Hindu

R Names for Boys

RupakSign; Feature; Beautiful4
RupendraLord of the Form; Lord of Beauty7
RupeshGod of Beauty; Lord of Beauty6
RupeshwarLord of the Form; Lord of Beauty3
RupinEmbodied Beauty6
RushabhDecoration; Superior5
RushadruOne who Eliminates Anger; A King2
RushanguA Sage1
RusheekSon of Saint6
RushiSaint; Wise; Advisor3
RushikConnoisseur; Lord of Earth5
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

R Names for Boys Hindu

RushilFlamboyant, Charming, Attractive6
RushirajLeader of Saint5
RusmitFull of Brightness, Sunlight1
RustamLarge, Very Tall, Decoration2
RutajitConqueror of Truth9
RuteshKing of Seasons (vasant)1
RuthvikSaint; Name of Lord Shiva1
RutikJoy; Richness; Brave7
RutujaQueen of Seasons1
RutujitConqueror of Seasons2
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

R Names for Boys Indian

RohatakThe Sun; Place2
RoheetFirst Red Rays of the Sun8
RoheshPart of Soul / Spirit1
RohilRisen, Ascended, King8
RohinClimbing, Blossom, Rising1
RohiniramanThe Enchanted Lord3
RohinishMoon; Lord of Rohini1
RohitRed, First Red Rays of the Sun7
RohitashwaThe Enchanted Lord, Krishna5
RohithRed; Sun; The First Ray of Sun6
RohtakCity in Haryana; Lord Surya (Sun)1
RolfWolf Counsel, Famous Wolf6
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

R Names for Boys Muslim

RaafiElevate; Raises8
RaafidAffluent; Tributary Stream3
RaafikFriend, Lord, Singer1
RaafiqGentle; Companion; Kind; Friend7
Raafiur-RutabHe who Elevates Ranks1
RaaghibDesirous; Willing1
RaaghiboonDesirous One; Seekers9
RaahatRest; Repose4
RaahimCompassionate; Pitying; Merciful5
RaahimeenA Person who is Merciful2
RaaiSplendid; Magnificent2
RaaibAware; Realising4
RaaidLeader; Explorer6
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

R Names for Boys with Meaning

RomanCitizen of Roman; Man from Rome
RomiePower; Strength
RonakDelight, Bright, Embellishment
RoneetBright, Joy, Shining, Strong
RonilBlue Sky
RonitBrilliant, Bright, Shining, Joy
RonsherLion of the Battlefield
RoonI / You Owe Me
RoonitResident without Any Debt
RoopDivinely Beautiful, Look, Beauty
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

R Cue Boys Names

RidayanshPart of Heart9
RiddheshName of Ganesha; God of Riddhi3
RiddhimanGood Fortune, Wealthy8
RiddhishName of Lord Ganesha7
RiddhitWealthiness; Prosperity9
RideiyanPart of Heart4
RideshOne who Resides in Heart9
RidhamMusical Flow; Spring8
RidhanGreat Heart9
RidhanshGreat; Loving Heart9
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

R Names Boys Names

RidhhProsperity; Soul; Wealth2
RidhinTo Make Gain, Prosperity8
RidhitProsperity; Wealthy; World5
RidhvitProsperity, To Make Gain9
RiditProsperity; World; Wealthy6
RigvedOne of the Vedas, The First Veda2
RigvedaOne of the Ved of Hindu Dharma3
RihaanPrince, Destroyer of Enemies6
RihanMorning, Entrance of Heaven5
RihanaSweet Basil6
RihancePart of Soul4
RihansPart of Sun; Part of Lord Vishnu6
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

Boy Names Starting with R

RihanshPart of Soul; God’s Gift5
RihitSound of Leaves1
RijuInnocent, Straight, Smart4
RijudhHonesty; Sincerity7
RijulInnocent; Honest7
RatishLord of Attraction; Cupid3
RatnabhuLord Vishnu4
RatnadeepGem of Gems3
RatnakantPrince of Gems1
RatnakarMine of Jewels; Sea; Ocean3
RatnanidhiLord Vishnu8
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

613 Boy Names Starting with R

RatnatejOne who Shines Like a Gem
RatneshLord of Jewels; Diamond
RatulTruthful; Sweet Gold; Loveable
RaunakBeauty of Nature, Prestigious
RavanPower Holder; King
RaveendraThe Sun Lord
RavenRaven; A Bird; Large Black Bird
RaviLord Surya (Sun), Great
RavieLord Surya (Sun), Fire Power
RaviendraSun of Son; The Sun Lord
RavikantBeloved of the Sun, Sun-stone
RaviKiranSun Ray; Ray of Sunlight; Sunbeam
RavikumarBrightness; Son of Sun Like Karna
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

Baby Boy Names that Start with R

RavindThe Sun; Red Lotus Flower5
RavindaSun of Lord Surya (Sun)6
RavinderSun, Beloved by All, Kind, Brave1
RavindraLord Surya (Sun), Similar to Rama6
RavindranathLord Vishnu; Sun; Poet4
RavinshuKamdev; Cupid4
RajasMastery; Fame; Pride4
RajashekarLord Shiva; King2
RajatSilver; Courage5
RajatanabhiVery Rich; Lord Vishnu4
RajatshubhraWhite as Silver1
RajayaSilver; One who Shines2
RajchandraKing of Star6
Best R Names for Boys
Best R Names for Boys

Final Words

We have hereby given you the R Names for Boys that would rhythm perfectly so that you do not have to search much for finding a beautiful name for your child.

We hope you would like the names that we had given and also we have mentioned the meaning of each and every names.

You could discuss with your friends and relatives to seek a suitable name out of this. If you have any suggestion please do not forget to mention in our comment box.

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