355+ Best S Word Boy Name List 2023

If you want to name your S Word Boy Name List as your lucky alphabet is S then you have come to right article. We have mentioned the top list of unique names with the letter S along with its meaning.

Here we have also mentioned the names in Bengali, Telugu and Marathi so that you can understand regardless of your native place. We know names are very important and you would want to give your child the best of the names. 

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S Word Boy Name List

SaacharYahweh has remembered; Appropriate; Well-mannered
SaadarAttached; Respectful; Thoughtful
SaadhanWork; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
SaadhavPure; Loyal; Decent; Peaceful; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy; Noble
SaadhikWinner; Pious; Proficient
SaadhinAchievement; Work
SaadvikA tree
SaagarSea; Ocean
SaagarikBelonging to the ocean
SaagnikOne who wins the fire; Fiery; Passionate; Married
SaahasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
SaahasyaMighty; Powerful
SaahatStong; Powerful
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Marathi

SadruLord Vishnu
SadvikA tree
SafalyaDone successfully
SaganLord Shiva; Attended or accompanied by a body of followers; An epithet of Shiva
SagarSea; Ocean
SagarduttGift of ocean
SagarotharakaOne who leapt across the ocean, Lord Hanuman
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List in Hindi

ShiamakSilver flame
ShibhooRelated with Lord Shiva
ShibhyaLord Shiva
ShibiKing; Ornamental
ShibijyotiRay of Lord Shiva
ShibinShe is the sign of silence
ShibuBorn to Win
ShiddharthOne who has accomplished goal; Successful; A name of Lord Buddha; Achieved all wishes
ShidhLord Krishna
ShidhantSharp; Farword
ShighraLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Hindu

SagnikOne who wins the fire; Fiery; Passionate; Married
SahaasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
SahadevYoungest of the Panch Pandava
Sahadeva The 6th sensed one
SahanKing; One of the Kauravas
SaharaDawn, Early morning; Lord Shiva
SaharshWith joy; Happy
SahasValour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
SahashradLord Shiva
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Muslim

Shabin ()From the name Sabine; An Italian culture
Shabir (شبیر)Pious; Beautiful
Shadab (شاداب)Green; Fresh; Wet; Evergreen
Shadah (شادہ)Pleasant; Happy; Jovial
Shafay (شافی)Intercessor; Mediator
Shafee (شفیع)Giving shaft; Honest; Truthful; Healer
Shafi (شفیع)Giving shaft; Honest; Truthful; Healer
Shafin (شافیب)He who cures
Shafiq (شافیق)Affectionate; Compassionate; Soft; Pardoning; Tender; Kind
Shah (شاہ)King; Able
Shahab (شاہعب)Shooting star; Cloud; Mercury
Shahalad (شہلاد)Joy
Shaheem (شاہیم)Intelligent
Shaheen (شاہین)Falcon; Hawk (Garuda
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List English

ShakuniBird; Uncle of Kauravas
ShakuntBlue Jay
ShakunthBlue Jay
ShakyasinhaLord Buddha; The Lion of the Sakya
ShaligramLord Vishnu; Refers to a fossilised shell
ShalikA sage
ShalivahanName of a famous king
ShalwaQuail; Solace
ShalyaAn arrow
ShamakMakes peace; Peaceful; Lord Buddha
ShamakarnLord Shiva, The one who has black ears
ShamanJasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful
ShamantUniversal; Whole; Lord Rama
ShamanthUniversal; Whole; Lord Rama
ShamathQuiet; Tranquillity; A counseller; Residing in peace; Peaceful; Calm
ShambhuAbode of joy; Lord Shiva; Sa + Amba – with Amba
ShameekAncient sage; Peaceful; Restrained
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Telugu

Sangamesh (సంగమేశ)Lord of friendship
Sangamithra (సంగమిత్రా)Socially friendly
Sangamitra (సంగమిత్రా)Socially friendly
Sangat (సంగత)Associating with the holy congregation; Union; Appropriate; Constant
Sangat Talaivan (సంగత తలీవన)Lord Murugan; Leader of an army (Devasenapati)
Sangav (సంగవ)Early morning or end of the night; Afternoon
Sangeeth (సంగీత)Music; Swaras
Sanghmitra (సంఘమిత్రా)Unity with friendship
Sangit (సంగీత)Music; Swaras; Symphony
Sangram (సంగ్రామ)War
Sangupt (సేనగుప్త)Perfectly hidden
Sanidh (సనిధ)Holy Place
Sanil (సనీల)Clean
Sanish (సనీశ)The Sun or brilliant boy
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Christian

SamsonBright as the Sun, Sun Child9
SamuelAsked of God, Told by God8
SanderDefender of Mankind7
SandfordFrom the Sandy Ford; Sand Ford9
SanfordFrom the Sandy Ford, A Crossing5
SarinHelpful Kind; Mercy7
SarvashLord of All7
SaulPrayed for; Desired; Borrowed8
SavioIntelligent; Clever; Saint’s Name3
SawyerOne who Saws Wood, Wood Carver1
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Bengali

Sarvanand (সর্বানংদ)Making All Happy
Sarvanavel (সর্বনবেল)Another name of Lord Murugan
Sarvang (সর্বাংগ)Lord Shiva; The whole body; All the angas or vedaangas collectively; Epithet of Shiva; Covering all aspects
Sarvansh (সর্বাংশ)Everything
Sarvapalaka (সর্বপালকা)Protector of all; Lord Krishna
Sarvaraidu (সর্বারাযডু)Ruler of the entire universe
Sarvarogahara (সর্বরোগহরা)Reliever of all ailments
Sarvashay (সর্বশয)Lord Shiva
Sarvashiva (সর্বশীবা)Always pure
Sarvasiddhanta (সর্বসিদ্ধাংতা)Bestower of skills and wisdom
Sarvasva (সর্বস্ব)Humorous; kind
Sarvatantra (সর্বতংত্র)A sawaroopine shape of all hymns
Sarvatapana (সর্বতাপনা)Scorcher of all
Sarvateerthamaya (সর্বতীর্থময)One who turns the water of ocean sacred
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

S Word Boy Name List Gujarati

સતવીરભગવાન વિષ્ણુ; સત્યનો હિમાયતી
સાત્વિકસદાચારી; ભગવાન શ્રીકૃષ્ણ; લાયક; મહત્વપૂર્ણ; શુદ્ધ; સારું
સતવિંદરસ્વર્ગના સાચા ભગવાન; પુણ્યના સ્વામી
સાત્વિકભવિષ્યમાં શક્તિ અને ભલાઈ; શીતળ
સત્ય અક્ષજભગવાન વિષ્ણુ; સત્ય – યથાર્થ
સત્ય બોધજે સત્યનો ઉપદેશ આપે છે
સત્ય પ્રકાશસત્યનો પ્રકાશ
સત્યપ્રિયાસત્યને સમર્પિત; સત્ય ને પ્રિય
સત્ય તેજસાંઈ બાબા અને ભગવાન હનુમાનનું નામ
સત્યદર્શનક્રૂડ અથવા મેદસ્વી વ્યક્તિ
સત્યદર્શીજે સત્ય જોઈ શકે છે
સત્યદેવસત્યના ભગવાન
સત્યાહસત્ય઼; માત્ર અસ્તિત્વ; ચેતના
સત્યજીતજે સત્યને જીતે છે તે ; સત્યનો વિજય
સત્યકામસત્યમાં માનનાર
સત્યકીભગવાન શ્રીકૃષ્ણનો સારથિ
સત્ય મૂર્તીસત્યની પ્રતિમા
S Word Boy Name List
S Word Boy Name List

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