501+ Hindu Tamil Boy Names Start with I

If you are in a situation where a new baby is born in your family and the astrologer has suggested his name with letter I, then in this article you can find a lot of trending names based on letter I.

Not only names, but complete details such as meaning, trend status, religion, numerology is provided in this article. You can read the article thoroughly to find the best for your baby.

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Tamil Boy Names Start with I

IndrajitBoy31Conqueror of IndraTamilClassicHindu
IshanBoy23Sun, Lord ShivaTamilModernHindu
IshaanBoy24Sun, Lord ShivaTamilRisingHindu
IndraneelBoy41Sapphire, Lord VishnuTamilModernHindu
IkshitBoy26One who is visibleTamilModernHindu
IleshBoy23Lord of the EarthTamilClassicHindu
InderjitBoy30Triumph of the GodTamilRisingHindu
IndraBoy24King of GodsTamilClassicHindu
IndushekharBoy50Lord ShivaTamilModernHindu
IjayBoy13Lord VishnuTamilRisingHindu
IndivarBoy31Blue lotusTamilModernHindu
InderBoy24God of weather and warTamilRisingHindu
IndumalBoy26Lord ShivaTamilClassicHindu
IshBoy17God, Lord VishnuTamilModernHindu
IryaBoy18Powerful, AgileTamilModernHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with I
Tamil Boy Names Start with I

Tamil Boy names starting with I

IndusBoy19The river IndusTamilRisingHindu
IndravadanBoy34Lord Indra’s actionsTamilClassicHindu
IndujanakBoy31Father of the moonTamilRisingHindu
IvaanBoy16Sun, God’s gracious giftTamilModernHindu
IndraduttBoy32Gift of IndraTamilModernHindu
IndraneeshBoy41Lord of IndraTamilRisingHindu
IndushekharBoy50One who wears the moonTamilClassicHindu
ItishBoy28Such a LordTamilModernHindu
IndradyumnaBoy47A name of Lord VishnuTamilRisingHindu
IdaspatiBoy34God of rain (Varun)TamilClassicHindu
IndrashishBoy44Blessing from IndraTamilModernHindu
IshaneshBoy33Lord of the SunTamilRisingHindu
IndranujBoy29Reflection of Lord IndraTamilRisingHindu
InduprakashBoy48Brightness of the moonTamilClassicHindu
IbraheemBoy39Name of a prophetTamilModernHindu
IndusagarBoy39Ocean of the MoonTamilModernHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with I
Tamil Boy Names Start with I

Tamil modern Baby Boy names starting with I

IkjotBoy18The one lightTamilRisingHindu
ImanBoy15Faith in GodTamilModernHindu
IshwarpreetBoy47Lover of GodTamilModernHindu
IndranilBoy35Another name for Lord ShivaTamilClassicHindu
IshanpreetBoy46Love for the SunTamilModernHindu
IndrajyotiBoy38The light of IndraTamilRisingHindu
IndradattBoy34Gift of IndraTamilClassicHindu
IbhyaBoy21Possessor of many attendantsTamilRisingHindu
IshankBoy25Peak of the HimalayasTamilModernHindu
IdhitBoy22God of rain (Varun)TamilModernHindu
IshankitBoy36Marked by GodTamilModernHindu
IhsaanBoy24Kindness, compassionTamilRisingHindu
IndulekshBoy39The moonTamilClassicHindu
IkshithBoy33One who has an eye on everyoneTamilRisingHindu
IndupatiBoy38Master of the moonTamilClassicHindu
IshanshBoy30Part of the sunTamilModernHindu
IkshuakBoy29Sugar caneTamilRisingHindu
IkshulBoy25Pine treeTamilRisingHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with I
Tamil Boy Names Start with I

Tamil Boy names beginning with I

IndrathBoy35King of the starsTamilModernHindu
InduvanshBoy38Part of the moonTamilModernHindu
IdhayanBoy30Joy of heartTamilModernHindu
IndirashisBoy46Blessing from Lord IndraTamilRisingHindu
IrihanBoy30Another name for Lord HanumanTamilClassicHindu
IshritBoy27Connection with GodTamilModernHindu
IshwarpalBoy39Protected by GodTamilRisingHindu
IshwarduttBoy43Gift from GodTamilClassicHindu
IshwarjotBoy37God’s LightTamilModernHindu
InduhasanBoy35Like a moonTamilClassicHindu
IshwarpremBoy48Love for GodTamilModernHindu
IshwarbhaktiBoy51Devotion to GodTamilClassicHindu
IndukaladharBoy43Another name for Lord ShivaTamilRisingHindu
IndushekharBoy44Lord ShivaTamilClassicHindu
IkrarBoy21Promise, pledgeTamilRisingHindu
IshanprakashBoy50Light of the morning sunTamilModernHindu
IshanvikramBoy50The sun’s chariotTamilRisingHindu
IshwardasBoy38Servant of GodTamilClassicHindu
IndutripatiBoy46Husband of the moon (night)TamilClassicHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with I
Tamil Boy Names Start with I

Indian Tamil Baby Boy Names starting with I

IbhijBoy20Lord VishnuTamilModernHindu
IshwardhanBoy41God’s richesTamilModernHindu
IshaneshwarBoy47God of the sunTamilModernHindu
IshandevBoy34God of the SunTamilClassicHindu
IjayBoy15Lord VishnuTamilRisingHindu
IlandevBoy27The EarthTamilModernHindu
IndulekhBoy33A ray of the moonTamilClassicHindu
IshanviBoy32Lord of the SunTamilModernHindu
IkshuBoy18Sugar caneTamilRisingHindu
IshwardasBoy38Servant of GodTamilModernHindu
IjyarajBoy27King of sacrificesTamilModernHindu
IndudharBoy35Wearing the moonTamilClassicHindu
IndrasishBoy41Blessing of IndraTamilModernHindu
IshankarBoy32Lord Shiva and Sun togetherTamilRisingHindu
IhaanBoy20The Earth, LeaderTamilModernHindu
IkroopBoy26Oneness with GodTamilClassicHindu
IshanatmaBoy40Divine soulTamilModernHindu
IshwarprasadBoy52God’s graceTamilClassicHindu
IndumaalavBoy37A kingTamilModernHindu
IshvaraprasadBoy53God’s graceTamilModernHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with I
Tamil Boy Names Start with I

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