Amy Bruni Bio 2023, Age, Facts, Affairs, Movies & TV Shows

Amy Bruni was born on 10th July, 1976 in Sacramento, USA. Her father was also a paranormal investigator and therefore she followed her father closely who used to take her to haunted houses so as to free them from ghosts.

Amy Bruni is specially known for hosting the paranormal TV show Kindred Spirits and is a distinguished figure among the ghost hunters.

In this article we unfold details on her career, worth, salary, family and other prominent details.

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Amy Bruni Wiki

Amy Bruni Bio

Amy Bruni is known as an investigator for paranormal activities who is also an actress and producer.

She became well known to every after these movies named Kindred Spirits, Ghost Hunter and Paranormal Lockdown.

Amy Bruni had started to feel paranormal activities from her childhood itself and had never felt fear from ghosts.

She started her career as an investigator in paranormal activities and it was telecasted as a television series named Ghost Hunters in the year 2007.

It became a huge hit and the series consisted of 116 episodes. At present she is the executive producer and actor in a travel show named Kindred Spirits.

The show has already telecasted six seasons and the production of seventh season has already begun.

She is also the owner of the company that hunts down haunted places and thus giving relief to the owner.

The company offering paranormal excursions is named Strange Escapes. She at present resides in Newport with her daughter.

Amy Bruni Salary

Amy Bruni Bio
Amy Bruni Bio

Amy Bruni receives an annual salary of $73,477 as she is working in the television and movies also helps to add to her income.

Amy Bruni Worth

Amy Bruni’s net worth is over $800,000 as of the year 2023. This keeps on increasing every year from her books, sales, shows and radio appearances.

Amy Bruni Husband

Amy Bruni Husband

Amy Bruni has married Jimmy who is the love of her life. She has a daughter out of her marriage who was born on October 12th and named her Charlotte.

Amy Bruni Movies And Tv Shows

Amy Bruni is very popular for her acting in the following movies:-

  • Ghost Hunters
  • Expedition Unknown
  • Paranormal Lockdown
  • Access Daily
  • Haunted Salem:Live
  • Kindered Spirits

Amy Bruni Book

Amy Bruni has shared her life stories in the book named Life after the Afterlife. In this book she has shared experiences as a paranormal investigator and instances of encountering the spirits.

This book is a must read as this encloses many real life experiences that she has faced against various paranormal activities.

Amy Bruni Daughter

On October 11, 2012 Amy Bruni gave birth to her daughter named Charlotte Bruni and she celebrated her 12th birthday recently. They altogether live in southern Massachussets.

Amy Bruni Age

Amy Bruni was born on July 10th, 1976 and she is at present 47 years old. She was born at California, USA.

Final Words

Amy Bruni is a very popular star who is known for her investigative skill in the arena of paranormal activities.

She has risen from doing the mainstream show named Kindred Spirit.

The series was a hit from the word go and she rise to fame very soon. She also has a huge numbers of followers in Instagram and twitter.

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  1. I love the kindness and empathy that Amy exudes and her strong Mama Bear instinct that seems to attract the authentic children spirits searching for her guidance and love. I think it’s part of her warmth and understanding nature that makes her a good partner to Adam Berry and an attractive paranormal investigator. She also makes sure to let the spirits know she’s no pushover and sets boundaries when they are pushed. Plus she has a sense of humor, and that red haired spunkiness!


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