485+ Top Best D Letter Names 2023

Names are very important when it comes to Hindu families and they have significant role to play in the development of the child. The characteristic of your child depends on the name that you keep for your child.

Therefore parents often think many times before naming their child. Today we have brought you the list of D Letter Names along with their meaning and numerology. These are the top names which we have collected from various places after significant research. 

585+ Best Hindu Baby Names for Boy and Girl

275+ Best S Name List Girl

D Letter Names

DrishiyaScenery; Sight; Visible
DrishnuBold; Courageous
DrishteeEye sight
DrishteeEye Sight
DrishyaSight; View
DrishyamSight; Scenery
DrohitWithout Malice
DronaThe teacher Drona; Guide; Savior (Teacher of the Pandavas and Kauravas. Son of Bharadvaja, married to Kripi and had a son, Aswatthama.)
DronacharyaDhroneshwar means Dronacharya and Shiva
DroneshwarDronacharya & Lord Shiva
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

D Letter Names for Boy

DirghLong Life1
DirghaLong, High, Deep, Lord Shiva2
DishaDirection; Side5
DishaanA species of gazelle; A thresher2
DishaantShowing a Path; Direction4
DishanOne who Guide to Right Path1
DishantHorizon; Sky3
DishanthHorizon Sky2
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

D Letter Names Boy Modern

DishayAll Directions3
DishenSuryadev, The Sun5
DishnuGod; Donor; Liberal3
DishtSettled; Ordered; Shown; Appointed6
DishuLoving; Believe; Lord Shiva7
DhwitLife Path of 1, Divine1
DhwnitGod is my judge6
DhyaanAbsorbed in Contemplation8
DhyanReflection; Meditation7
DhyanadeepIcon of meditation and concentration2
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

D Letter Names Boy Marathi

DhyandevGod of Concentration2
DhyaniOne who does Contemplation7
DhyayTarget; Aim; Thought9
DhyeyAim; Goal; Target; Mission4
DharamnishthOne who has faith in religion6
DharamsiOne who has Faith in Religion1
DharamveerOne who gets a victory on religion5
DharamveerBravely Upholding Righteousness5
DharamvirOne who gets a victory on religion4
DharanPreserving, Sustaining1
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

D Letter Names Boy Telugu

DharanishwarLord of earth7
DharannThe Holding; Earth6
DharanshPart of Earth1
DharenDerived from Dharan, Bearing5
DharendraKing of the earth1
DhareshLord of land9
DhareshKing; Lord of Land9
DharinanA supporter of Dharma; Observer of the right path6
DharineeshOne who Rules the Earth; King1
DharinipalOne who Rules the Earth; King2
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

D Letter Names Boy Indian

DharishKing of Charity4
DharitriThe Earth6
DharmHighest Dharma8
Dharm DuttGift of the God of religion1
Dharm MitraFriend of religion6
DharmaReligion; Law religious9
DharmachandraMoon of Dharma4
DharmadaBestower of Dharma5
DharmadasOne who serves his religion6
DharmadevLord of law4
DharmadevaGod of Justice5
DharmadhrtOne who Makes Dharma Realised5
DharmadhyakshaThe Lord of Dharma5
DharmadityaSon of Dharma5
DharmagopaProtector of Dharma3
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with D

DevyanServing the gods, Chariot of the gods
DevyangPart of Divine / God
DevyankPart of Divine
DevyanshPart of God
DevyansuPart of Divine / God
DevyeshFull of Divinity; The Lamp of Sun
DevyrajDivine Kingdom
DewaDeity, God, A Divine Being Angel
DewainDark; Song
DewalDivine; Holy; Godlike
DewalayTemple; Place of God
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

377 Hindu Boy Names Starting with D

DewanandDivine Joy3
DewangPart of God’s Body; Also Spelt as …9
DewanshPart of God; Eternal part of God; Demigod2
DewarshGift of God6
DewendraLord Indra, King of Gods2
DeweshKing of the Gods; Another name for Indra; God of the Gods1
DeweshGod of God1
DewjeeBelonging to the Gods7
DewjiBelonging to the Lord6
DewrajKing of Devas / Gods7
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

Top Baby Boy Names that Start with D

DeyvayanakantanLord Murugan, Consort of Devayani6
DhaanishLord of Wealth; Rich1
DhaaranKeeping; Protecting2
DhaavakSwift; A poet in the Harsha dynasty; Runner3
DharmendraKing of religion5
DharmenduLight of religion7
DharmesaLord of Dharma6
DharmeshMaster / Lord of Religion4
DharmikOne who gives charity; A name of Lord Ganesh1
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

Baby Boy Names that Start with D

DyanishTo Give Mercy; Kindness; Merciful8
DyanshTo give mercy8
Dyu ManiLord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another name for Shiva and Sun6
DyuksaLight; Brilliant9
DyumLight; Brightness9
DyumaniLord Shiva; Sky Jewel; Another name for Shiva and Sun6
DyutanShining, Radiant, Bright4
DyutitIlluminated; Radiance9
Best D Letter Names
Best D Letter Names

Final Words

We hope you had liked the names that we have put together for your baby child. You may also let us know if you have any other names in your mind that would have matched our list and we will add it to our above given D Letter Names.

You can also ask the opinion of others by just sharing the link of the article into their social media page before finalizing a name for your baby boy.

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