385+ Top Best R se Name 2023

The practice of naming a child is ancient in India and is considered to be the most important moment for a child. Name not represent them but also describes their characteristics.

Therefore parent always think twice before naming their child. We have in this article given the top unique R se Names so that you could easily select from the given list.

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R se Name

RaadheshThe Consort of Radha; Lord Krishna
RaadhikGenerous; Successful; Wealthy
RaagThe musical; To bring to life; Love; Beauty; Vigour; Passion; Desire vigour; Melody; King Sun; Moon; A form of Indian classical music
RaagdeepMusic and Lamp
RaaghavLord Rama; A descendent of Raghu; A patronymic of Ramachandra
RaaghuThe Family of Lord Rama
RaahatRest; Repose
RaahilPath Guider
RaahinyaLord Vishnu
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Boy

RaahinyaLord Vishnu5
RaahithyaWealthy; Person with Lot of Money1
RaahityaA Person with Full of Money2
RaahulSon of Buddha; Conqueror of all miseries; Competent; Efficient (Son of Buddha)7
Raaj-RamKingdom of Lord Rama8
RaajakRadiant Prince; Brilliant; Ruler6
RaajanKing; Royal9
RaajanalaLord Hanuman5
RaajasSilvery; Dust; Mist; Passion; Endowed with a zest for life and its pleasures5
RaajdeepLight of the Kingdom; Prince6
RaajeevBlue Lotus8
RaajendraGreat Among Kings9
RaajuThe Emperor; The King of World6
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Girl

RadhikaaSuccessful, Goddess Radha8
RadhishaWell-satisfied, Wealthy5
RadhyaName of Radha; To be Worshipped3
RadikaLover of Krishna, Successful8
RadnyaDaughter of King9
RadyneeFrom the Heart9
RagaHarmonious, Melody, Tune, Feeling9
RagaviSings with Raaga4
RageeniA Melody5
RaghiniA Musical Note3
RaginiA Melody; Attachment; Love; Singer4
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Boy Hindu Latest

RaajyashreePropriety of a King3
RaakaaDay of the Full Moon6
RaamLord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit6
Raam-DattGift of Rama6
RaamaanujYounger Brother of Rama8
RaamdattGift of Rama6
RaameshLord Vishnu; Preserver or the one who saves from danger2
RaaviSun; River6
RaaziThankful for anybody; Satisfied; Contended; Pleased1
RababWhite Cloud; Musical Instrument6
RabahGainer; Storey Teller3
RabekGod is One1
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Boy Hindu

RabenKing of All; Intelligent4
RabenSunny; A bird4
RabhavSkilled; Glowing Rays of the Sun7
RabhuSkillful; Prudent5
RabiSpring; Breeze3
RabindaThe God of Sun; Bright Fame4
RusankCharming Enlightenment3
RushaalHigher then Charming8
RushabhDecoration; Superior5
RushadruOne who Eliminates Anger; A King2
RushalHandsome / Charming Prince7
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Boy Muslim in Urdu

RizhanNoble; Origin; Popularity4
RizqSubsistence; Blessing of God9
RizqinGood Fortune3
RizvaanBringer of Good News1
RizviAngel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news5
RizweeReligious; Guard of Paradise5
RizwinBorn to be the Best, Good will9
RockyDweller by the Rock9
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Boy Marathi

RushangSon of Saint
RushanguA Sage
RushankLord Shiva; Charming Enlightment
RushbhSuperior; Decoration
RusheekSon of Saint
RusheshshanShining All Time
RushikeshName of Lord Shiva
RushikeswarBelonging to Lord Shiva
RushilFlamboyant, Charming, Attractive
RushirajLeader of Saint
RushithProsperity; Kindness; Ray of Light
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Girl Marathi

RushaliBeautiful; Bright Girl7
RadhaSuccess, Prosperity5
RadhamaniBeloved of Lord Krishna6
RadheBelonging to Lord Krishna9
RadhekiPleasure, Satisfied2
RadhiForgiveness; Pardon; Willing4
RadhikaSuccessful, Prosperous7
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

R se Name Girl in Hindi

RupmatiPossessing Beauty
RupnaHaving a Beautiful Appearance
RupraneeQueen of Beauty
RupriyaBeautiful pretty
RupshiBeautiful; Queen of Beauty
RupshikaFlame of Beauty
RupyBeautiful; Endowed with Beauty
RuqayaName of the Prophet’s Daughter
RusaThe World; Bride
RusaniBright, Lighting
Best R se Name
Best R se Name

Final Words

For parents who wants to name their R se Name, here we have given a list of best and solved R se Names. You can share the article with your closed ones before naming your child in the naming ceremony.

We wish you and your child best wishes for the future. You may also let us know the name that you have chosen for your child by posting it in our comment box.

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