105+ Best M Serial Baby Names 2023

In this article, we have given you several suggestions of the M Serial Baby Names so that you do not have to trouble yourselves.

We have also mentioned their meaning in English and their numerology. Names are not only a combination of letters but also love of the parents for their child.

Many often we see that parents have to unnecessary search many websites before getting to the names they sought. But we have brought the list of all the unique names that you can call your child.

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M Serial Baby Names

MoulikaLove; Chief1
MounikaSilence; Silent Girl3
MoxikaFreedom from Births, Reliever1
MraduDainty, Soft, Smooth, Mellow3
MrigaA Beautiful Deer3
MrigishaOne who is like a Deer3
MritanshiImmortal; Long Life3
MrityukaDefender of Death1
MuhimaOf Importance2
MuneetInner Soul; One who Wins Hearts6
MuniA Sage; Saint3
MunishaLovely, Attractive, Beautiful4
MunjeetConqueror of the Mind7
MunjitConqueror of the Mind6
MunjulaGoddess Parvati2
MunleneAbsorbed in Devotion3
Best M Serial Baby Names
Best M Serial Baby Names

M Serial Baby Names in Kannada

MuskaanSmiling, Smile8
MuskanSmile, Laughter, Sweet Smile7
Muskan-Preet-KaurBeautiful Smile5
MyraSwift and Light, Admirable3
NainpreetA Beautiful Loving Eyes3
NaireenHonour; Light; River3
NairutviSouth West Direction, Princess6
NaishaSpecial; Sharp Minded7
NaiyaBoat; Water Nymph5
Best M Serial Baby Names
Best M Serial Baby Names

M Serial Girl Baby Names

NaleenLotus; Water-lily6
NalinieLily, Lotus Flower1
NamanBow to God7
NamanjotPray / Bow to God7
NamashyaWorshipping; Worthy of Salutation1
NamasviGoddess Parvati; Popularity7
NamasyaWorthy of Salutation, Worshipping2
NamisaHappiness; Rejoice3
NamitaOne who Worships, Humble4
NamitaaOne who Worships, Bowed Down5
NamjasOne who sings praises of naam4
Best M Serial Baby Names
Best M Serial Baby Names

Little Boy Names that Start with M

MeherwaanKind; Merciful7
MehmetPraised One; Praiseworthy1
MehpreetMind Filled with Love9
MehpreetA mind filled with Love9
MehrabWater; Sun; Blessing2
MehrajMeh means Moon Raj means Kingdom1
MehranshGod Gifted5
MehrazProtector; Freedom8
MehrbaanMerciful; Gentle; Kind8
Best M Serial Baby Names
Best M Serial Baby Names

Names for Baby Starting with M

NampreetLove for God’s Name2
NamrathPoliteness; Humble; Good Behaviour3
NamreenSoft – Delicate7
KandrayaWisdom; Angel; Trust; And loved3
KanganaBangles; A Bracelet4
KanikaSmall; Atom; Black; Molecule; Seed2
KanikshaGold, Little Finger, Small2
KanishkaGold, Daughter of King Kanishq2
KannanA Garden Full of Flowers1
KantabaiRadiant; A Beautiful5
KanvalHeart Lotus7
Best M Serial Baby Names
Best M Serial Baby Names

What are Good Boy Names that Start with M

MuraliFlute, Lord Krishna2
MuratName of Allah; Crazy1
MurinderSpirit of Lord; Holy One3
MurlidharBearer of a Flute5
MuruganGod; Lord Karthikeyan / Murugan5
MustakArdent; Longing; Forehead4
MustakinStraight Way9
MehartekTaking support of God’s grace9
MeharvaanOne who is Merciful and Kind2
MeharveerBrave and Merciful5
MeherBenevolence, Blessing, Friendship4
MeherajBlessing of God6
Best M Serial Baby Names
Best M Serial Baby Names

Final Words

Here we have given you the possible list of all the beautiful M Serial Baby Names  which you can name your child. We have deeply thought before giving the suggestions of the above given names.

Therefore you can seek the opinion of your friends and family before finalising the names. If you have any other M Serial Baby Names you can post it in our comment and let us know so that we can add the name to our list.

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