Where is Queen Elizabeth? Rumors and Facts 2023

Queen Elizabeth II missed the opening session of Parliament on Tuesday which is only the third instance in this past 70 years of her reign.

Previously the two times that she had missed was due to her pregnancies with her two youngest children.

Probably giving rise to the concern regarding her health  specifically mobility issues.

In her absence, the Parliament was addresses by her eldest son Prince Charles.

In this article, we will be give you input on Queen Elizabeth’s Health Condition and also on her whereabouts.

Since there are many rumors and curiosity to know about her well being, we would like to put rest to all rumors surrounding the health of the Queen.

In this article we would be discussing about the following:

  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Where is Queen Elizabeth
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Health Condition
  • Where is Queen Elizabeth? Rumors and Facts

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of not only United Kingdom but also 14 other commonwealth realms.

She was born to the Duke and Duchess of York on 21 April, 1926.

Her father took over the throne in 1936 when his brother King Edward VIII gave up the throne.

Thus making Elizabeth, a heir to the throne. She received her education at her home itself and eventually started to handle public service at the time of second world war.

She married the Prince of Greece and Denmark, Philip Mountbatten.

Elizabeth took over the reign when her father died in the year 1952.

Since that day, she has been successfully reigning the rule over United Kingdom.  

Where is Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II missed the most important Queen’s speech in the opening session of the Parliament in which the Government’s agenda for the year is announced.

She was last seen in public on March 29, 2022 at the thanks giving ceremony for her husband Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey.

On 10th May, only the queen’s crown was present beside Prince Charles who sat on the Consort throne.

According to Buckingham’s Palace “The Queen continues to experience episodic mobility problems, and in consultation with her doctors has reluctantly decided that she will not attend the State Opening of Parliament tomorrow”.

Which means the Queen is delegating more of public duties to her eldest son apparently the next heir to the throne.  

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Queen Elizabeth’s Health Condition?

Queen Elizabeth II has been a concern for many.

Not only because of her age but also because the Buckingham Palace is not releasing accurate news regarding her health.

She has been recently seen walking with the help of a stick as she is suffering from stiffness in her joints making difficult to move comfortably.

She also recently suffered from COVID 19 which also effected her health condition and continues to recover.

However, it was said in the statement released by Buckingham Palace that she will continue light duties at Windsor.

Where is Queen Elizabeth? Rumors and Facts

Since Queen Elizabeth is the head of the state, there has been a lot of talks on the whereabouts of the Queen and her health.

Many have been asking why the Palace has been so secretive.

That’s because the Palace thinks the family of the Queen has the right of confidentiality like all others.

Therefore it is yet to be confirmed whether the Queen will be present at the Platinum Jubilee at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth normally appears in the balcony of the palace on her coronation anniversary, June 2nd  for trooping the color and we may have to wait till then to catch a glimpse of the beloved Queen.

Fortunately the Queen made a rare public appearance May 13 in her Range Rover at the Royal Windsor horse show.

She was smiling and her health have a progressive improvement.

But still her health issues are not known to the concerned public.

There are lot of rumors regarding the health of Queen Elizabeth II.

Last year, since the Palace has not declared the news of hospitalization of the Queen to the public until the news was leaked by the media.

Therefore we may not know until some news will be announced by the Minister or by somebody in the family.

Palace authorities and Government officials usually uses the code “London Bridge is down” to announce the death of the Queen when the unfortunate day comes.

There are rumors that the London Bridge may be down soon and this rumors are spreading like fire.

But nobody other than the physicians and close family members know about the real situation of the health of the Queen.

Final Words

Queen Elizabeth II has been a great monarch and always have been a pivotal symbol of the British progressiveness.

As the head of the state, she has always been upfront in representing the United Kingdom and is one of the most respected personality all around the world.

We therefore wish for a faster improvement in her health and hopefully we will see more of her in public events and ceremonies.  

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