685+ Top Best R se Name List 2023

Name has special significance in Hindus. Parents prefer to have such a name for their child that makes him stand out in the world.

Everyone wants that their child should get everything special, in such a situation, the parents keep the name for him only after a lot of thought.

You are on this post of ours, it means that a new born baby has arrived at your home or about to arrive. First of all our best wishes to you.

We wish the newborn a very bright future. We have given the R se Name List Girl Hindu along with their meaning so that you could easily select from the list.

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R se Name List Girl Hindu

RuwaaBeautiful; Countenance; Comely; Prettiness; Grace; Beauty3
RuwaidaBeautiful; Walking Gently; Time5
Ruwaidah, RuwaydahWalking gently6
RuwaihaRest; Good Scent9
RuwaisaSmall Master, Leader2
RuwaithaBeautiful; Walking Gently2
RuwaizahBeautiful Garden / Orchard8
RuwaydahWalking gently4
RuweydaWalking Gently7
RuyaSeeing, Looking, Viewing, Vision2
R se Name List
R se Name List

R se Name List Boy Hindu

RunalCompanionate Person; Kind3
RundanGod; Scholar; Name of Lord Shiva9
RuneelLord of Lotus3
RupadhikSuperior in Looks7
RupakSign; Feature; Beautiful4
RupamBeauty; Beautiful6
RupendraLord of the Form; Lord of Beauty7
RupeshGod of Beauty; Lord of Beauty6
RupeshwarLord of the Form; Lord of Beauty3
RupinEmbodied Beauty6
RushabhDecoration; Superior5
R se Name List
R se Name List

R se Name List Boy Muslim

RizqinGood Fortune3
RizuBrave; Powerful2
RizvaanBringer of Good News1
RizvinGuard of Paradise8
RizwaanSatisfaction Contentment2
RizwanaPleasure, Satisfaction2
RizweeReligious; Guard of Paradise5
RizwinBorn to be the Best, Good will9
RobiulSun Light5
RockyDweller by the Rock9
R se Name List
R se Name List

R se Name List Boy in Hindi

RushadruOne who Eliminates Anger; A King
RushanguA Sage
RusheekSon of Saint
RushiSaint; Wise; Advisor
RidhanshGreat; Loving Heart
RidhhProsperity; Soul; Wealth
RidhinTo Make Gain, Prosperity
RidhitProsperity; Wealthy; World
RidhvitProsperity, To Make Gain
RiditProsperity; World; Wealthy
RigvedOne of the Vedas, The First Veda
R se Name List
R se Name List

R se Name List Islamic

RihaanPrince, Destroyer of Enemies6
RihanMorning, Entrance of Heaven5
RihanaSweet Basil6
RaafiElevate; Raises8
RaafidAffluent; Tributary Stream3
RaafikFriend, Lord, Singer1
RaafiqGentle; Companion; Kind; Friend7
Raafiur-RutabHe who Elevates Ranks1
RaaghibDesirous; Willing1
RaaghiboonDesirous One; Seekers9
RaahatRest; Repose4
R se Name List
R se Name List

R se Name List Girl

RuyahDream, vision1
RuzainaCalm, Composed9
RuzaynahName of the freed slave-girl of Sayyidah Safiyah RA wife of the Prophet PBUH.6
RuzenaRose Flower4
RuzinaPretty; Un-measurable8
RuziyaContended; Delighted; Pleasant1
RuzmeenSteady; Well-established3
RuzminaSense of Justice; Rose Flower3
R se Name List
R se Name List

R se Name List Muslim

RummanA Fruit; Pomegranate of Jannat8
RunaSixth Month of Muslim Calendar9
RuqaimMark; Seal7
RuqeeElevated, Raised3
RushaanLight; Star1
RushadOne whose Soul is Joyous8
RushaidRightly Guided; On the Right Path8
RushanIlluminated; Rightly Guided9
R se Name List
R se Name List

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