501+ Hindu Tamil Boy Names Start with O

We all know that in this modern era every parents try to find a unique and meaningful name for their newly born baby. But sometimes it becomes quite hard to finalize the name of baby.

In Hindu religion, generally the first letter of name is recommended by the astrologer and if astrologer has suggested to name your baby with letter O, then this article is meant to you.

Here you will find more than 500 lates and unique names with letter O with their meanings, numerology, religion and other details.

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Tamil Boy Names Start with O

OmBoy9The sacred syllable; Universal soundTamilClassicHindu
OmakaraBoy23A variant of ‘Omkar’, the primordial soundTamilModernHindu
OmjaBoy13Born of cosmic unityTamilRisingHindu
OmkarBoy22Sound of the sacred syllableTamilClassicHindu
OmkaraBoy23Sound of the universe’s creationTamilModernHindu
OmprakashBoy39Divine light of the universal soundTamilRisingHindu
OnkarBoy19Form of the omnipresent, OmkarTamilClassicHindu
OnkaraBoy20Creator of Om (Shiva)TamilModernHindu
OorjithBoy36Powerful, strongTamilRisingHindu
OhaBoy11Meditation, true knowledgeTamilModernHindu
OmkarnathBoy39Lord of Omkar, Lord ShivaTamilModernHindu
OmvatiBoy24Sacred, Having the power of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmanaBoy17A womanTamilRisingHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with O
Tamil Boy Names Start with O

Tamil boy names starting with O

OmswaroopBoy42Manifestation of divinityTamilClassicHindu
OjasrawaBoy26Full of energyTamilRisingHindu
OmanshBoy23Part of OmTamilModernHindu
OmendraBoy32Lord of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmitabhBoy29Infinite GodTamilRisingHindu
OmkardasBoy30Servant of the sound of OmTamilModernHindu
OmprakashaBoy35Light of OmTamilClassicHindu
OjaswinBoy28Person having high level of soul powerTamilRisingHindu
OjasvatBoy21Powerful, radiantTamilModernHindu
OmvirsinghBoy47Brave as the sacred soundTamilClassicHindu
OmprakashBoy33Light of the cosmic soundTamilRisingHindu
OmraajBoy24Ruler of OmTamilModernHindu
OmkaraBoy20Maker of OmTamilClassicHindu
OjasrajBoy22King of radianceTamilRisingHindu
OnishBoy21Beneficent, charitableTamilModernHindu
OmvijayBoy30Victorious in the power of OmTamilClassicHindu
OjjaswinBoy38Powerful, brightTamilRisingHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with O
Tamil Boy Names Start with O

Tamil modern baby boy names starting with O

OjasvatBoy21Powerful, radiantTamilModernHindu
OmkaarBoy20Sound of Om, name for Lord ShivaTamilClassicHindu
OmvirBoy28Brave person resonating the sound of OmTamilRisingHindu
OmalaapBoy21Peaceful, quietTamilModernHindu
OjasweeBoy24Luminous, shiningTamilRisingHindu
OmjaBoy12Born out of cosmic soundTamilModernHindu
OmkeshBoy23Lord Shiva, resonating the cosmic soundTamilClassicHindu
OmanshuBoy29Light of OmTamilRisingHindu
OminBoy17Truthful, honestTamilModernHindu
OmjayBoy20Victorious manifestation of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmkaranandaBoy34Joy derived from the cosmic soundTamilRisingHindu
OmjaanBoy17Life derived from cosmic energyTamilModernHindu
OmritBoy22Immortal, agelessTamilClassicHindu
OmeshwarBoy33Lord of the OmTamilRisingHindu
OmpranavBoy29Essence of Om, the primeval soundTamilModernHindu
OmeshBoy20Manifestation of Om, a name for Lord ShivaTamilClassicHindu
OmvishBoy29Pervading sound, omnipresentTamilRisingHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with O
Tamil Boy Names Start with O

Tamil boy names beginning with O

OmvratBoy23Following the cosmic lawsTamilModernHindu
OmratnaBoy24Jewel of Om, something preciousTamilClassicHindu
OmkaariniBoy32The one who causes the sound of OmTamilRisingHindu
OmswaroopBoy34Manifestation of the divineTamilModernHindu
OmkritBoy25The cosmic silence after the sound of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmjeevanBoy28Life force vibrating with cosmic energyTamilRisingHindu
OmsaantBoy20Peace derived from the divineTamilModernHindu
OmsagarBoy26As deep as the divine sound of OmTamilRisingHindu
OmvedBoy20Knower of the cosmic soundTamilModernHindu
OmpriyBoy27Beloved of the cosmic soundTamilClassicHindu
OmvijayBoy30Victory through the divineTamilRisingHindu
OmvirBoy26Brave in cosmic resonanceTamilModernHindu
OmpushpBoy31Flowering through the energy of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmakarBoy18Another form of OmTamilRisingHindu
OmsakthiBoy26Power of the cosmic resonanceTamilModernHindu
OmshivaBoy26Shiva’s cosmic resonanceTamilClassicHindu
OmrityuBoy30Beyond death through cosmic energyTamilRisingHindu
OmdevBoy21Godly manifestation of OmTamilModernHindu
OmnamanBoy23Bowing to the sound of the universeTamilClassicHindu
OmjaapBoy19Chanting the divine resonanceTamilRisingHindu
OmpadoBoy22Walking the path of cosmic resonanceTamilModernHindu
OmadityaBoy26Sun shining with cosmic energyTamilClassicHindu
OmshivamBoy28Shiva’s cosmic essenceTamilRisingHindu
OmjeevBoy24Life with cosmic vibrationsTamilModernHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with O
Tamil Boy Names Start with O

Indian Tamil Baby Boy Names starting with O

OmprakashBoy34Light of the divine resonanceTamilClassicHindu
OmroopBoy25Embodiment of the cosmic soundTamilRisingHindu
OmbhavBoy24Essence of the divineTamilModernHindu
OmmuruganBoy33Form of Lord Muruga with Om’s essenceTamilRisingHindu
OmmeshBoy22Lord of OmTamilModernHindu
OmsakshiBoy31Witness to the cosmic vibrationTamilClassicHindu
OmpathiBoy27Lord of the cosmic pathTamilRisingHindu
OmkeshBoy21Lord Shiva represented by OmTamilModernHindu
OmkritBoy24Creation from the cosmic soundTamilClassicHindu
OmpatiBoy24Master of cosmic resonanceTamilRisingHindu
OmswarupBoy32Incarnation of the cosmic energyTamilModernHindu
OmkaramBoy26Personification of the sound of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmpavanBoy26As pure as the cosmic resonanceTamilRisingHindu
OmmananBoy22Mind attuned to cosmic vibrationsTamilModernHindu
OmlokeshBoy31Lord of the cosmic worldTamilClassicHindu
OmdeepBoy23Light that emanates from the cosmic vibrationTamilRisingHindu
OmmohanBoy30Enchanted by the cosmic resonanceTamilModernHindu
OmkaarBoy20The sound of OmTamilClassicHindu
OmkareshBoy32Lord of the Om soundTamilRisingHindu
OmavtarBoy26Incarnation represented by OmTamilModernHindu
OmpujanBoy25Worship of the cosmic resonanceTamilClassicHindu
OmsundarBoy29Beautiful cosmic resonanceTamilRisingHindu
OmbirBoy22Brave embodiment of the cosmic soundTamilModernHindu
Tamil Boy Names Start with O
Tamil Boy Names Start with O

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