TS Traffic Challan Discount {75%} on Pending E Challan

TS Traffic Challan Discount: The Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand Ji had called out for information regarding Challan deductions in Tamil Nadu.

TS Traffic Challan Discount

The Police of Hyderabad has found out that more than Rs.600 crore worth of Challan have not been paid by the public.

This is the reason why the state is bringing TS Traffic Challan discounts and that will be completely explained in this article.

To solve this problem the police commissioner Mr. CV Anand has started TS Traffic Challan Discount.

So this Challan basically lets you avail 75% discount on your current challans or even your old pending challans.

The Challan discounts can be availed for challans since the past 8 years, which means for those of you who have not paid your Challan in the last 8 years can avail this.

According to the authorities, the TS Traffic Challan Discount is valid only for a limited time by which all those who have not paid the Challan will have to clear it off.

If the people fail to pay the Challan in this time period, then they will have to face heavy legal penalties and face legal actions as well.

The Draft of the following discounts on Challans have been sent to the DGP for approval and once it is confirmed, we would know for how long is the time period to pay off your Challan amount.

This TS Traffic Challan Discount effort by the TS Traffic Police is greatly being appreciated by the general public. 

The things people should be aware of the campaigns run by the police in traffic from time to time:

  • 75% discounts will be given for two—wheelers on their challans.
  • 50% discounts will be given for cars.
  • And very importantly, every person walking on the street also has some rules to follow, if they fail to do that they will be fined in the form of challans.

The TS Traffic Challan Discount procedure might take a little long to come in effect as the DGP is currently on leave.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who still haven’t paid their dues in the last 8 years like we mentioned earlier.

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The rules of the state however does not change, any person driving harshly or not according to the law of the state will be punished and heavily fine.

This may not fall under the challan discounts and might lead you to lose more, so please drive carefully and responsibly.

On top of all this, if you fail to pay your fines and ignore it, you will find that your vehicle has been impounded by the traffic police.

The E Challan Discounts given in this year is solely on humanitarian bases considering how people were struggling during the past 2 years because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Such discounts were not to be seen in these past years other than 2023.

If you google for any records on TS E Challan Discounts 2021, it will be very hard to find any article regarding it.

The TS E Challan Discounts 2023 was initiated by the beginning of this year and is said to be in act by March 1, 2022. 

The Challan discounts are as follows for different vehicle segments.

75% on two- wheelers, 50% on cars and 30% on RTC buses. These fines were made on regards of over speeding, traffic signal violations, and any other traffic rules that have been violated.

In December last year, the Hyderabad traffic police have issued almost 80 lakhs of challans. In this 60 lakhs worth of challans were just for the fines of not wearing a helmet and exceeding speed limits.

Only 40% of the fines were paid and the rest 60% is still pending. This is what adds up to a total of Rs.600 Crore for the last 8 years. 

This is how the Hyderabad and Telangana Challans discounts work out:

  1.  Two-wheelers who pay 25% of the fine can take their vehicle and the rest 75% of the fine is waived off.
  2. For pushcarts and small vendors, they only have to pay 20% of the fine and the rest 80% is waived off.
  3. Cars, Jeeps and Heavy vehicles, if they pay off 50% of the fine then the rest 50% are waived off.
  4. For RTC Drivers if they pay just 30% of their fines the rest 70% is waived off by the government.

The above mentioned discounts have only been approved in Hyderabad and Rachakonda and not anywhere else by the traffic police.

From the 1st of March, the link to make these TS E Challan Discount 2023 Payment Online will be put up on the Telanagana E-Challan website.

This service is only available for the people who have pending challans and not for anyone else.

The time period to make up these payments is said to be from the 1st of March till the 31st of March 2022.

All these pending challan amounts should be paid completely online and not in person to any officials. 

On the first day these challan discounts were made, the traffic police got a very good and huge response from the public as the traffic police received a total amount of Rs.5.5 Crore from the unpaid challans.

They said that a range from 800 to 1000 challans were paid off on the first day and it was something that they never expected, it was mostly because the people understood that these discounts were made for them and this was the best way of showing appreciation to the Commissioner Mr. CV Anand.

The TS E Challan Discount Problem Fixed the major problem of the people and the government.

The peoples response itself is one big example of how the unpaid challan issue has changed due to this challan discount initiative.

On the first day just from 10a.m to 2p.m the record crossed over 1000 challans being paid per minute.

And as the day followed more number of challans were being paid and at the end of the day, a total of 5.1 lakh challan was cleared as reported by The Hindu.

Final Words

In the light of recent incidents, we would like to point out the amazing efforts by the TS Traffic Police and especially Mr. CV Anand for putting forward a wonderful proposition to the DGP which helped the people as well as the government.

The TS Traffic Challan Discounts is the best initiative done by the traffic police and we would advise all the people who have pending challans to clear it off as soon as possible because you will never get another better opportunity than this.

The discounts made are extremely huge and if you cannot make the best of this opportunity then it is going to be a big loss.

Once again we would like to thank the commissioner Mr. CV Anand for coming up with this initiative.

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