How to Apply for Covid Universal pass Maharashtra 2023

Covid universal pass: As the world has been dealing with Covid-19 for since 2020, we all know how hard it was to travel around.

Since the last breakout of the Covid-19 variant, The Government of India decided the entry to public places only with the proof of a vaccination certificate.

This year the government has imposed and brought out a new pass called the Covid Universal Pass which will allow the people to travel freely without any hassle.

Today in this article, we will be explaining to our reader the complete details on how an individual can apply for the Covid Universal Pass and other details such as how to download it and so on.

The entire article will be broken down to topics and sub-topics for better understanding.

The order in which the topics will be explained are given in the box down below.

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Covid Universal Pass

Since the new variant has had many outbreaks in other countries, states in India have started implementing certain rules under the order from the government.

As we mentioned earlier, the Covid vaccine certificate Universal Pass is one of those.

Relating to these new rules, the Maharashtra government has decided to open universal travel pass in the state.

The official site for the citizens to apply for the pass will be mentioned below this paragraph.

The site portal was developed by the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority.

An important thing that should be noted is that, the people who are registering for the Covid Universal pass should have their documents linked to the government.

The Link to the official Maharashtra universal pass site –

Covid Universal pass Eligibility

Universal Pass is available to all adult Indian nationals who have received both vaccine doses and have waited 14 days following the second dosage.

This certificate does not require children to apply.

Covid Universal pass Registration Online

In the aftermath of the third wave of the Covid pandemic, the Maharashtra government launched the Online Universal Travel Pass Registration Form 2023.

Many restrictions are in place in all of the same states, and Maharashtra has accepted them as well.

People who work in Essential Services can now obtain a Universal Travel Pass, which permits them to travel freely throughout the state.

You can receive the Covid Pass by applying for a Universal Travel Pass online at

It’s especially useful since night and weekend curfews are enforced in conjunction with Covid 3rd Wave, and you might need it to complete vital tasks.

Furthermore, you are not need to print the Universal Pass; nevertheless, you may present the e-pass ticket saved on your mobile device.

Steps to apply for the Covid Universal Pass:

  1. Install the Telegram App from Google PlayStore or Apple App store.
  2. Type “Mahagov” into the app and choose the first option, “MahaGovUniveralPass.”
  3. To begin the process, click “Start.”
  4. To apply for a Universal Pass, go to “Apply for Universal Pass.”
  5. Fill enter the mobile number that you used on the Cowin site to acquire both vaccinations.
  6. Enter the “OTP” that was sent to your registered mobile phone number and you will be able to COVID universal pass login to the portal.
  7. The grey box will display your name and registration number. Select the grey box. All of the information from your Covid certificate will appear on the screen.
  8. You must confirm by clicking “YES.”
  9. Select your photo from the gallery by clicking the PIN icon next to the search field. Make sure the aspect ratio is 4:3.
  10. Check to see if your photo was uploaded correctly. Then select “Confirm Photo” from the drop-down menu.
  11. You will receive a final confirmation with your photo and all of the information you need to create your Universal Pass from the Cowin website. Select “Confirm Details” from the drop-down menu.
  12. Now select “Apply for Universal Pass” from the drop-down menu.
  13. Your Pass has been successfully generated. In the chat box, you’ll see a link that you may click to get your confirmed Pass.
  14. To finish the process, click “Verify.”
  15. Your Pass is now available. To get a copy of your Pass, click Download. Take a screenshot for future reference as well.

Documents Required

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter id
  • Registration certificate
  • Government ID document
  • Registered company
  • Industrial papers
  • Registered mobile number

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Universal Pass Login

If you have already applied for a Universal Pass Maharashtra online and would like to check on its status, you can do so quickly.

Your application for a pass can be approved or declined.

For that, you’ll only need the credentials and the same official website. Keep the following points in mind:

  • There should be a QR code on your Maharashtra Universal Pass when you check it.
  • Travel category 3 and 5 are also covered by this pass.
  • It may take several hours for Maharashtra Universal Pass status to be updated.

Universal Pass Photo Change

In order for a person to change the photo on the universal pass, they must follow the steps mentioned below.

There are a few things to keep in mind wile changing your photo in the Pass.

The photo can only be changed once per person, so make sure you do not make any mistake while changing your photo.

The uploaded photo will take up to 48 hours to reflect in your account.

Steps to change the photo:

  • Enter the site
  • Click on the option of Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens
  • Enter your registered mobile number and enter the OTP

By doing the above steps, you would have successfully logged in successfully. Once the page appears, you would be able to see your name and details such as View Pass and Change Photo (only if your photo has been uploaded the first time while registering)

  • Click on Change Photo and click the ok button on the window box that appear.
  • On the next page that appears, you would be able to upload your photo by clicking on the “Upload Photo” link.
  • Check the box stating that you have confirmed to the terms and conditions 
  • Finish the process by clicking on submit.

Covid Vaccine universal pass certificate download

You can download and print your Travel Pass after completing the registration process. For Universal Pass Download Maharashtra, follow these steps down below: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Tap on the Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens
  3. Provide the appropriate credentials
  4. Then download your e-pass for travel purposes.

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Purpose of the Universal Pass

Following Covid, all Indian nationals must demonstrate that they have been properly immunized with both doses and have completed 14 days since receiving the second vaccine.

They expected to have the Universal Pass with them, either as a paper or as a digital file on their smartphone, for this.

This permit will grant unrestricted entry to public venues such as malls, train stations, airports, gyms, and gardens, among others.

The authorities may not ask for the certificate because of the crown, but you should have it with you at all times to avoid additional difficulty while travel.

Yes, this pass is valid throughout India.

It was first implemented by the Maharashtra government, but it has now been adopted by the central government, making this certificate valid throughout India.

Is the Universal Pass just valid for those who provide important services?Now that we’ve passed through wave 3 of Covid 19, the government has made public transportation available to all citizens. Travel passes are not confined to vital service personnel and can be created and used by anybody.

Final Words

We believe that the introduction of the Universal Pass is an amazing idea.

As mentioned above it will help the people to travel freely without any problems and the universal pass would also help the government in keeping a record track of how many people are completely vaccinated throughout the country.

It is advised that everyone should have a universal pass download copy with them.

Hopefully we can finally put away the memories of the struggles which most the people went through the pandemic and move on with things getting back to normal.

We hope the article has helped the people in applying for the Universal Pass.

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